Hello, ns am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority, Inc. Together you may know, our authorize is the number 7 in ASL. Ns was simply wondering what your factors are for making use of the exact same sign. Also, what is her call. I"ve checked out two different ones...its the the case? i dont favor to be make assumptions because ns confused. Deserve to anyone aid me out here?

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I to be going to effort to prize this native what I have actually learned together my chapter of GSS isn"t supervisor "into" the calls/hand signs but the speak to is Wee-oop and the authorize I think from googling is the very same as y"alls due to the fact that it is supposed to look prefer the "Wee-oop" (it provides a W and an O) yet someone that has been in the organization longer/is a member the chapter that does usage these points MAY be able to answer you better!
Hello, ns am a member that Sigma Gamma Rho sorority, Inc. As you might know, our sign is the number 7 in ASL. Ns was simply wondering what your reasons are for using the same sign. Also, what is her call. I"ve watched two various ones...its that the case? ns dont choose to it is in make assumptions because im confused. Can anyone aid me the end here?Gamma Sigma Sigma go not have an "official" contact or hand sign, although I recognize that fairly a number of individual chapters usage them. Many of those chapters room at HBCU and/or in the south. I"m ancient, though, so I can only walk from what I see in photos appearing in ours publication and on individual thing websites.I recognize nothing around where "Wee-oop" come from. Perhaps someone native a chapter that provides a speak to sign can assist there.As because that the hand authorize that chapters usage being the "same" as provided in Sigma Gamma Rho, I"m guessing due to the fact that it"s an alleged to stand for a Sigma, versus the number seven in authorize language. Yet I don"t understand that because that a fact due to the fact that A. My thing didn"t use hand signs and also B. Ns don"t ~ pretend to understand anything about Sigma Gamma Rho.
I was told by mine pledge mommy that that specific hand sign represents Wee-oop, return I have no idea where wee-oop come from.
As who from a chapter that supplies the call/hand sign...the speak to has bit of a story behind it. But as it"s the hand sign in question, ns don"t think there"s an official answer because our indications aren"t officially sanctioned by GSS. There room actually 2 signs, the one we are discussing, and also another making use of the thumb and pointer fingers. Although i am not in Sigma Gamma Rho, two of my GSS line sisters room (in fact, all four D9 orgs are represented on mine line). As soon as the issue came increase on our garden they dismissed it, saying you can discover old pics of their alumnae native the 40s and 50s throwing up pinkies (which we understand it unofficially linked with AKA) so we shouldn"t worry around it.
Are the NPHC handsigns in reality official? (As in, if someone to be nuts sufficient to want to readjust the KAY handsign would they have to do so as a proposal come the national Convention?)

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Are the NPHC handsigns actually official? (As in, if someone were nuts sufficient to desire to change the KAY handsign would certainly they have to do so as a proposal come the national Convention?)I"m almost specific that SGRho is the only NPHC org which has an main hand sign.However, I will say that it appears as though most of the national orgs are an ext comfortable utilizing the unofficially hand indications in their main publications and social media presences. I suppose they go from being "undignified" in the minds of few of the leaders to being okay because the generation that created the indications are now in fee :p