Herb stuffed clams make the perfect appetizer, or you have the right to serve through pasta as the main course. Leftover butter deserve to be spread out onto baguette and also baked in the oven.

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Today kicks off an additional week the Seafood Recipes top top the blog. My daughter and I room both allergic to shellfish so it’s no something friend see much of here. This was a nice way for me to have seafood without any type of of the next effects. It’s a success for you, and also for me.

The perk the guest articles is obtaining to ask your friends come come over to play. It’s prefer a grown-up version of a sleep over. Without all the remaining up late and talking around boys. Return I have to admit today’s guest is who I do stay increase late and also talk about boys with, as often as possible. Dionne of try Anything Once is among my an extremely best girlfriend in the world. We can regularly be found chatting ~ above facebook about The go Dead, and how adorable Daryl is right into the wee hours of the morning. Okay, so possibly it’s simply me obsessing about what a cutie-pie Norman Reedus is. Yet Dionne listens to me ramble which in my book is the mark of a true friend.

Give a huge lunatic welcome come Dionne, and also her hubby who helped with this. Simply don’t phone call him just how much us talk about TV boys once the actual boys space sleeping. It’s our tiny secret.


Clams repeat me of heat summers and also cold beaches. Probably it sounds odd that those two points don’t typically go together, however here in Washington that totally makes sense.

We usually enjoy clams in heat weather, which ns really appreciate so the I have the right to air out the residence with all the doors and also windows open. Mine memories of shell digging to be pretty neat, yet I never really supplied to participate as soon as I was “little”. I would be turn off on my very own collecting shells and also cool-looking rocks. Every time us went seashells digging it to be pretty sunny at home yet by the moment we were ready to chase under those clams, ocean Shores to be cloudy and also cold.


This details beach is nothing prefer the ones would you view if you were on a dry vacation, yet it’s grown on me end the years. Ever due to the fact that I was an extremely young we’ve gone to the beach and also around here that means wear warm clothes and bring an extra sweater. I’m having flashbacks of critical summer, fishing on the shore in July v my teeth chattering uncontrollably.

I would certainly love to visit a heat beach and also lay the end in the warm sun yet I nothing mind travel a little bit to gain there. This might sound odd yet I am thankful for our cold, smelly beaches.

Growing increase we would make the never finishing drive to the ocean and also when us were in ~ a half hour that the coast we would certainly see residences with fishing nets made of thick ropes, draped across the former porch v glass buoys nested within of them. Little souvenir shacks with shells attached to the building and quite a couple of places marketing fresh seafood became much more frequent as we drove also closer.

We used to have a lot of household living the end that means and ns remember visiting mine aunts and also uncles, playing v my cousins and also just having actually a blast. It is what ns remember when I think of clams and those glass buoys. Five yes, and also the cat that scratched my eye. All i tried to execute was feed it a item of clam and also it take it a swipe at me. Probably that’s why i was never overly fond the cats.

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Today I have stuffed clams because that you. This is a cooking recipes from ours French cookbook and also even though they are dubbed stuffed clams, palourdes farcies, lock aren’t really stuffed. They are actually dolloped v a butter mixture that provides these absolutely delicious.

I love the simplicity that this recipe yet I oath it’s not just since it just takes a few minutes come make.