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1Propel the body v water by utilizing the limbs, or (in the case of a fish or various other aquatic animal) by making use of fins, tail, or other bodily movement.

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‘he swims thirty lengths twice a week’‘The aquatic animals can"t swim in shallow water areas.’‘There to be a car on the bottom that a big body the water and fish to be swimming around it.’‘Fish swam by her body, curious and also their fins tickled her legs.’‘Most favored tasks are cycling on a stationary bicycle, fast walking, swimming, and also water aquatics.’‘I sat earlier to spend some time looking right into the shallow water for any kind of fish swim under or nearby the bridge.’‘They swimming under water by propelling themselves with their wings, and may dive as deep together 60 feet below the surface.’‘A pond satellite in the midst of every this beauty, and also multicolored koi fish swam within its blue waters.’‘I do not know of a solitary species of fish that swims in that manner.’‘Richard to be tossed into the sea and spent two hours in the freeze water trying come swim ashore.’‘Crocodiles swim v back-and-forth motions of their tail.’‘The water was a clean blue and they could see fish swimming around.’‘The water was clear and also you could see the fish swimming follow me the current.’‘Many of the guys crawl in the direction of the rails, prepared to jump right into the water come swim ashore.’‘Light was coming from under the water, and it illuminated the white-pink fish that swam around.’‘The nets indiscriminately trap fish, dolphins, and also other pets that swim into them.’‘Mercury pollutes water and thus the fish the swim in it, which involves one more federal agency.’‘He confronted another kind of water hazard as soon as he swam 331 lengths that a pool.’‘A drill to build this human body position requires swimming v fins and a snorkel.’‘He swam breaststroke for the Scottish team native the age of 18 to 22.’‘I swim 20 lengths the the baths every second day.’