What would be great things to put in a scrapbook job of To death A Mockingbird? I require quotes, pictures, etc.
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below are a few ideas for photos, symbols, quotes, etc. That would work well for a scrapbook project:

A picture of "Scout" every dressed up because that her very first day of school - incorporate an explanation of exactly how she hates having to stay a "darn ol" dress"

A quarter...

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Here room a few ideas because that photos, symbols, quotes, etc. The would job-related well for a scrapbook project:

A photo of "Scout" all dressed up because that her very first day of institution - incorporate an explanation of how she hates having to stay a "darn ol" dress"

A 4 minutes 1 - explain that Scout gained into problem her an initial day of college after explaining to miss out on Caroline why Walter couldn"t take she quarter; girlfriend might also introduce Atticus"s quote about the prominence of seeing points from another"s point of view:

“First of every ... If you have the right to learn a basic trick, Scout, you’ll gain along a lot much better with all kinds the folks. You never really understand a human being until you take into consideration things native his allude of check out ... Till you climb right into his skin and also walk about in it” (Lee 29-30)

A feather - encompass the quote native Atticus wherein he speak Jem and Scout,

"Shoot all the bluejays friend want, if you deserve to hit em, however remember it"s a sin to death a mockingbird" (Lee 119).

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An old assignment medal or a gum wrapper - explain that these were items Jem and Scout found in the tree in front of the Radley house

A item of thread - explain that this is a piece of thread native Jem"s pants the he got recorded in the Radley fence

A piece of ceiling - describe that this is from the blanket the the kids suspect Boo placed on Scout during the fire at miss out on Maudie"s house

A picture of handcuffs - describe that Tom Robinson was arrested and jailed for allegedly raping Mayella Ewell

A camellia petal (or various other flower petal) - define that this is indigenous the camellia Mrs. Dubose offered Jem from she garden after he had actually finished reading to her together punishment for destroying her camellia bushes

A page from a scriptures or hymn book - describe that this is indigenous Calpurnia"s church, taken as soon as the kids attended church with her

A Coke brand - describe that this is what Dolphus Raymond yes, really drinks, quite than alcohol, together Scout and also Dill learn when they speak come him outside the courtroom

A snapshot of a cocoon - Jem says, upon establish that civilization aren"t what that thought,

"It"s prefer bein" a caterpillar in a cocoon, that"s what it is ... Like something sleep wrapped increase in a heat place. I constantly thought Maycomb folks to be the finest folks in the world, the very least that"s what they appeared like" (Lee 288).

A photo that a ham - describe that this is what scout dressed up together for the institution play

A item of chicken cable - explain that it to be the wire from Scout"s costume that helped to save her life

A photo of the sheathe of the book The Grey Ghost - explain that this is the publication Atticus check out Scout in ~ the end, wherein she ends up talking around how it turned out Boo to be "real nice."