The initial version that the album cover plainly showing the cover model"s bare chest hanging down in the direction of the guitar.

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"In Trance" is the 1976 album by German tough rock band Scorpions. The album cover mirrors a woman wrecking a guitar, with among her breasts exposed. This album cover obtained controversy and also has because been adjusted so the the chest is covered up. This is the initial version of the album cover clearly showed the covering model"s bare chest hanging down towards the guitar. Later releases have actually the chest blacked out so the it is not visible. This is the first of many Scorpions album consists that have been censored.


Music Genre:

Heavy Metal, hard Rock

AlbumProduction information:

The album: "SCORPIONS - In Trance Uncensored Album cover" was developed by: Dieter Dierks

Dieter Dierks indigenous Stommeln, Germany is a musician, sound engineer, producer, music publisher and studio owner. During the 1970s responsible because that the recordings of plenty of so referred to as "Krautrock" bands like: "Ihre Kinder", "Ash Ra Tempel", "Tangerine Dream", "Witthüser & Westrupp", Hoelderlin, Wallenstein, "Birth Control", "Guru Guru", Embryo, "Popol Vuh", Bröselmaschine, "Amon Düül" and also "Floh de Cologne". As of the late 1970s he has actually been responsible because that the recordings the the "Scorpions", "Accept", "Twisted Sister" and also many numerous other bands. Dieter Dierks was additionally founder the "Dierks Studios" and "Breeze Music"

This album was taped at: Dierks-Studios.

Dierks Studios , a Sound record studio and also media company, founded and owned by Dieter Dierks in Stommeln, Cologne, Germany.

Album covering design: CoDesign/Dirichs

Album sheathe photography: Michael valve Gimbut

Michael von Gimbuta German photographer who has taken photographs of bands like: Can, Michael Chapman, Scorpions, Supermax, Udo Lindenberg and many others. Few of his works has actually been offered on album covers. Many notably the controversial album consist of of "In Trance" and also "Virgin Killer" through the Scorpions

Name of the model: Unknown

Label Information:

Black RCA NL 70028

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl stereo Gramophone RecordTotal Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram

Year & Country:

1975 make in Germany

Personnel/Band Members and also Musicians on: SCORPIONS - In Trance Uncensored Album cover

Band-members, Musicians and also Performers Scorpions Band-members, Musicians and PerformersUlrich Roth - command Guitars, Vocals

Ulrich Roth ( additionally known together Uli Jon Roth ) a German etc player and best recognized as the command Guitarist of the German difficult Rock / heavy Metal tape "Scorpions". He began his job in a band referred to as "Dawn Road" around 1973. The band-members Uli Jon Roth, Achim Kirschning, Francis Buchholz, Jürgen Rosenthal join Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine to kind "Scorpions". Roth was guitarist with "Scorpions" indigenous 1974 till 1977 and formed is proper band "Electric Sun".

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Rudolf Schenker - Guitars

Rudolf Schenker- Founder and also Guitarist with the German tough Rock / hefty Metal band "Scorpions" since it"s formation in 1964. Rudolf is brothers of Michael Schenker and Barbara Schenker. He provides guitar do by the German guitar maker Dommenget.

Francis Buchholz - base

Francis Buchholz - base guitar player indigenous Hannover, Germany and was born in 1954. Buchholz began his musical job , in addition to Ulrich Roth and Hans-Jurgen Rosenthal, during 1972 in a band dubbed "Dawn Road". "Dawn Road" dismantled about 1974 and members join "Scorpions". Buchholz performed through the Scorpions indigenous 1973 till 1992.

Complete Track-listing that the album "SCORPIONS - In Trance Uncensored Album cover"

The detailed tracklist that this record "SCORPIONS - In Trance Uncensored Album cover" is:

Tracks: Dark Lady 3:25 (U. Roth) In Trance 4:42 (R. Schenker/K. Meine) Life"s choose a river 3:50 (U. Roth/R. Schenker/C. Fortmann) optimal of the invoice 3:22 (R. Schenker/K. Meine) living & dice 3:18 (R. Schenker/K. Meine) Robot male 2:42 (R. Schenker/K. Meine) evening Wind 5:02 (U. Roth) sun in my Hand 4:20 (U. Roth) Longing for Fire 2:42 (R. Schenker/U. Roth) Night lamp 3:14 (U. Roth)