Whether you"re walking solo or top top a trip or through your family, friends, or far-ranging other, the drive along the picturesque view from California come Colorado is a guaranteed beginning of an amazing journey.

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The road trip from san Diego come Denver will take about 19 hours of driving follow me 1,201 mile of breathtaking sceneries – indigenous arid deserts to dense forests, with the I-70 route. The drive is long, yet the methods for adventures room endless.

Read on and discover the best stops for rest and also places to visit throughout your road expedition from mountain Diego to Denver.

How much is Denver from san Diego, and how lengthy will the road pilgrimage take?

There is a minimal difference between the two routes to Denver from mountain Diego in regards to driving time and distance covered.

The fastest course via I-8 will certainly take you v Arizona"s peaks and deserts, saving you just a few minutes or hrs of a drive compared to the I-15 and also I-70 course through Nevada and Utah. And driving v I-8 during the summer have the right to be hellish through the unforgiving desert weather following you until you reach the bypass route to I-10 and also into the suburbs of Colorado.

So unless it is winter in which some places along the I-70 are closed, taking the I-15 and I-70 from mountain Diego come Denver is the finest route to take, offering you a see that is a feast to her senses.

Best road pilgrimage route from san Diego come Denver

The ideal road pilgrimage route from mountain Diego to Denver is at some point the scenic route of the I-70 over the diverse topography the Utah and Colorado. That is reasonably longer than taking the I-8, however the amazing sights follow me every action of her journey room well worth your time.

This route uses the many opportunity for exploration and adventure – even if it is you like climbing mountains, walking trails, or braving the waters. The long drive additionally lets girlfriend spend much more peace and also quiet through yourself or high quality time v your loved ones.

Road expedition from san Diego come Denver

The ideal route from san Diego to Denver is v I-15 and I-70, featuring the deserts, mountains, and also forests the Nevada and also Utah.

From san Diego, take it CA-163 North and keep left, complying with the signs for N Escondido. Merge onto I-15 North and also keep left to remain on the interstate. After around two hundred miles, you"ll enter Nevada, and also a few miles in, you"ll come at las Vegas, wherein you have the right to take a fast stop for some food and gas.

From ras Vegas Boulevard North, revolve left ~ above I-515 and merge right into the interstate. Take departure 76B because that I-15 and continue along the route, crossing the scenic passage of the Virgin flow Gorge in north Arizona top top your way to Utah.

Along I-15, you can take exit 16 to go to the famous canyons of Zion and also Bryce Canyon national Parks and for a quick stop and also break from her trip. Alternatively, you deserve to skip this place until you go back to San Diego and just proceed along the I-15.

The Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre space worth a protect against as you strategy Denver from throughout the Rockies.

Best time to walk on a road pilgrimage from san Diego come Denver

As girlfriend will should pass the Rockies top top your method to Denver, you might need to take into consideration taking her road pilgrimage in late spring to fall. Or to prepare yourself and your ride if you will be starting your trip in winter.

If you start your trip throughout the winter, examine ahead as some parts of I-70 might close because of extreme weather conditions. Girlfriend must likewise make sure that your car is snow-ready – eye tires and snow chains, to minimization the threat of road problems.

Also, take into consideration the traffic for her journey. The roadways to Colorado may be jampacked through skiers going come the Rockies throughout winter.

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Spring and also fall are great seasons to schedule her trip due to the fact that the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and also fishing. It will certainly not be too warm to to walk a follow or too cold for other outdoor activities.

A summer trip can likewise be a good idea as well as the locations on your route execute not gain overly warm even during this season. But, always check and consider the weather if you arrangement to hike as the mountain peaks" typical temperature can acquire hot and also uncomfortable.