“Good Morning America” stalwart Sam Champion and fiance Rubem Robierb have wed in new York City, alphabet News reported Friday.

In attendance at the weatherman’s apartment were friends, family and also Champion’s “GMA” cohorts, consisting of Robin Roberts, who reportedly check out a poem throughout the 10-minute afternoon ceremony. Robierb’s mother and also sisters joined the party via skype from Brazil, his aboriginal country.

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The pair announced your engagement — and Champion quietly ended up being the first morning show co-anchor to come out publicly as gay — in October. They met through common friends on brand-new Year’s eve in Miami 3 years ago.

They claimed at the moment that a wedding celebration was planned for brand-new Year’s night in artist Robierb’s home base, i beg your pardon is Miami. It’s tho on!

“That’s walk to it is in the large party,” Champion stated Friday. “This is the legal moment that we wanted to celebrate through friends and also family and also loved ones.”


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