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THANK YOU and I expect YOU gain THIS different SPIN ON an ANIME REVIEW.

KAI: Hey, it’s…

MAK: Let me guess, much more Sailor Moon talk, right?

KAI: Um……well, yeah. It’s about that time come cover the latter fifty percent of Sailor Moon R and also this consists the remainder of the black color Moon Arc.

MAK: Oh, you mean the arc whereby we acquire stuck with that annoying-ass brat Chibi-usa?

KAI: Yes. The arc.

MAK: Oh god!


KAI: What?

MAK: Oh, come on. Most of the time throughout those episodes, Chibi-usa to be either do the efforts to acquire close v Mamoru that it end up being creepy as hell…and that is noticeable with the last couple of episodes. Also when lock tried to do her seem sympathetic to the viewers, ns didn’t felt a damn thing for her. At ALL!!

KAI: I i will not ~ say ns didn’t feeling anything to her at all. I mean, i did felt part sympathy once it came to her being pursued down by the black color Moon Clan. Plus, in more of the sillier episodes, I believed she was in reality funny in them and also let’s it is in honest, it’s not choose Usagi is a feather chicken the an initial time.

MAK: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I recognize most of the time Usagi either cries a lot, eat a lot, no that bright yet she’s not as poor as Pinky!! ns take her any day of the week! Not even as black Lady…..and I contact bullshit top top that, too!! that bitch no nowhere near as black color as I photo her!!


KAI: ….Sweetie, ns love friend but….please shut up before I fight you.

MAK: Noted.


KAI: However, the totality thing v Black Lady and also Tuxedo Mask……yeah, why am ns remind of creepy incest shit again? Wait!!! What about the whole separation with Usagi and also Mamoru? The entirety cliché thing of ‘I have to break up v you to defend you’ form of crap? That whole sub-plot dragged on and on and I couldn’t wait till we got to whereby that was cleared up once and also for all.

MAK: I……Yeah, I need to side with you there. Usagi/Mamoru room a good pair together however that whole subplot is basically, “TALK come ME, MAMORU!!” and also he’s like, “I CAN’T! I have to GO!! FUCK talking THIS OUT!!” This feels choose a romance anime cliché the should’ve took at least 3 or 4 episodes and also this was…..17 illustration of this shit!?!? and some of the is from the former half we’ve simply reviewed! that was directing this half?

KAI: *searches for director* Kunihiko Ikuhara.

MAK: The fuck? him AGAIN!?

KAI: What? I preferred Utena and Yuri Kuma Arashi to be decent. I assumed his direction was OK ~ above his parts.

MAK: Yeah, yet what the fuck about Penguindrum? How about that shit huh?

KAI: Oh……..OK…..Erm..

MAK: In instance you didn’t get the memo, I’m not the best fan that Penguindrum. Yeah, moving on…….I liked many of the black color Moon Clan native the 4 Ayakashi Sisters and also the means they were throughout the food of their run yet I will certainly say that Rubeus…..well, i can’t spoil anything yet fuck him. I know he’s a villain but still, the guy have the right to jump off the edge of my d—


KAI: WHOA!!! OK, we acquire it. Yeah, The 4 Ayakashi sisters were a good highlight and also Wiseman to be a strong villain because that the latter half, maybe a usual one however still great although I deserve to do there is no Esmeraude and also her awful, grating laughter. Also….it is me or go Berthier looks like a certain character from that one Dis—

MAK: HEY!! we can’t obtain sued by them!! We’re basically broke.

KAI: So……anything on the animation and also music?

MAK: Basically the same as last time. The animation is still the same as the critical season with some great transformation sequences. That finishing OP is quiet my least favorite and also the many boring ED sequence I’ve ever watched.


KAI: Well, that’s true. I just skip that sequence to check out the preview for the following episode. And also for the English dub….well, the brand-new one? Any much more thoughts on that?

MAK: As lot as ns don’t prefer Chibi-usa, I believed Sandy Fox play the character well and as lot as ns don’t choose doing this, she is top top par with the Japanese equivalent of her and also I often hate to compare English and also Japanese voices since I feel favor she is good on her own, not due to the fact that it matches the initial Japanese voice actress.

KAI: For me, mine favorite has actually been Matthew Mercer as King Demande…..the man still proves he’s the damn great in his voice-acting video game and also one of my favourite things about the dub. Yeah, the rest of the cast still proceeds to bring great performances to their characters. Hell, this still provides me ecstatic come hear the new dubbed voices in the next season and knowing who’s voicing who currently in there…..yeah, I’m passionate to see more of it.

MAK: Same here. We’ve already seen Sailor Moon S in sub and also I can currently say the season is much better than this one but let’s wait till the dub for that comes along.


FINAL verdict (from the actual one composing this): Yeah, this is so much the weakest season that the series from the cliché romantic tropes with Usagi and also Mamoru come the severe annoyance element that is Chibi-usa. Together usual, the strongest points that the series are the seafarer Guardians, whether it it is in on the major episodes or even on the comedic episodes, which are still my favorite in the collection overall. However, as stupid as few of these illustration are…….well, at the very least you’re not Sailor Moon Crystal.


So yeah, I offer this transformation….

6/10 – VANILLA


Sailor Moon R – part 2 is reserved to be released in October by Viz Media. Together usual, because that streaming options, you deserve to watch the on Hulu (if friend live in the States).

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This has actually been MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid….doing one more Sailor Moon evaluation for every one of you and also I expect no catchy expression to finish this on.