I love beer. I don’t really know wine, but I execute like beer. Because I limit my gluten, gluten free (or gf) beer is a quite option.

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Gluten cost-free beer isn’t every that simple to find. Often, friend can discover Red bridge at the supermarket, and also Redbridge and Bard’s in ~ the “natural food store.” Personally, I favor Redbridge, however that’s coming from someone who likes the taste continual ol’ beers, prefer Corona and also even the sometimes Bud Light, so take the for what it’s worth. The course, I do prefer more robust beers, however every beer has a point out in my heart.

Last week, ns attended a “health practitioner” meeting hosted in the tasting room that the regional wine superstore, full Wines & More. It to be a gathering of an individual trainers, nutritionists, wellness coaches, healthy food preparation experts, and more. I’ll leave all the holistic news and also nutrition and fitness gossip to future writings, because today is all about the beer.

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round one


round two

Below, eleven beers are ranked by taste and value to me, which provides things completely subjective. I initially meant to evaluation ten beers,but I discovered a new one (Brunehaut Amber Ale) at yard House, critical weekend, because it’s one gf beer that’s easily available, I thought it would certainly be great to toss it into the mix.

By the way, Galya has actually tasted every one of these, ideal along side me. In every situation we i agree on whether to end up it or pour it in the sink.