1920s J R Clark Co. Rid-Jid-Table timber Ironing plank Minneapolis Minnesota iron Old wood ironing boards space really hot right now! You deserve to use them to iron clothes or take it off every the covering and also use the to screen plants or any kind of kind of arsenal you could have. This one is native a regional estate and also is referred to as a Rid-Jid-Table produced by the J.R. Clark Co. In Minneapolis, Minnesota under U.S. Letter patents in 1911, 1915, 1919 and 1920. Other patents pending. The is 55" long, 14.25" vast at it's widest point, and also 5.75" vast at the tip. You have the right to use the non stick pad the is on there or walk on end to and buy a covering or one made with vintage feather material. These ironing boards carry out not sit as high as ours do today. It is 32 1/2' tall as soon as standing solidly ~ above the ground. Therefore if you are a tiny bit shorter than average or if you want your children to start learning how to iron, this would be great. It is in functioning order. Due to the fact that of it's age and also the truth that it was continually put up and down, it does have actually some dings and scratches ~ above the wood, however nothing you wouldn't suppose for that is age. Please view our photos. Choose up this neat ironing board in your ar in Chesterton, IN or have actually it transport to her home and get those clothes ironed while imagining the woman that was doing the in the at an early stage 1900's! ! another auction native Auction bay Online, Consignor2 689/33707/Mac Room ! speak to for an ext info Auction Bay virtual Policies: If you need signature confirmation, please educate us before paying for your item. Over there is a charge of $3 because that signature confirmation.7% IN sales taxes is charged if your item is shipped to one Indiana shipping address, or picked up native our physics store.We space a professional eBay listing service. We photograph and also describe each item to the finest of ours ability. That is always best to look at every one of the high high quality photographs that we provide in addition to reading the complete description. Every items are sold AS-IS, and no return or exchanges will certainly be accepted. Shipping Costs: To calculation the shipping prices for the USA and all various other countries, please usage the shipping calculator. If you win multiple items native auctionbayonline friend will conserve a minimum of $2 per extr item ~ above shipping charges, contact us for specific quote. Us pride ourself on rapid shipping, many items space shipped within 48 hours of the auction's end. If girlfriend have any kind of special requests, simply let us know. The boxed shipping load of this article is approximately 16 pounds . Us ship most of ours packages via USPS, however, we may substitute Fedex ground shipping based on location, weight, and also package size. If you can not get a Fedex distribution at her location, you re welcome let us recognize once you win the auction. Customs & Duties: we are forced to add customs creates onto every article that us ship external of the USA. The items will certainly be asserted as "Commercial Sample" with a value matching the price the the eBay item marketed for. Your country�s personalizeds office might charge you additional taxes/duties/fees when processing your item. You will be responsible because that these fees. Please contact your local customs office because that details ~ above the fees for your country. We can not declare any kind of item us ship together a gift, or assign a claimed value less than the auction's ending price. Local Pickup - You deserve to avoid every shipping dues by picking up your item in ~ our store. We are located at 107 S. Calumet, Chesterton IN 46304. Us are open up 4 job a main (M-Th 11am to 6pm CST). Our phone number is .

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