Is your Cadillac inspect Engine light ON or Flashing? In this guide, you will learn about common difficulties that create the Cadillac inspect engine light to come on.

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This guide offers step-by-step indict on exactly how to diagnose the Cadillac inspect engine light yourself.



Symptoms the a examine engine light deserve to vary depending on the fault code that prompted the light. Possible symptoms include:

Poor accelerator responseA diminish in fuel economyEngine misfireDifficult to accelerate or walk uphillEngine shakes or excessive vibrationsThe auto won"t stay running.

The check engine light might be on, with no symptoms. Also if there are no symptoms, that is crucial to read the fault codes to find out why CEL is on.

Common Causes

Cadillac examine engine light deserve to turn on for miscellaneous reasons, consisting of something as straightforward as a loosened gas cap.

Loose gas capFaulty MAF sensorOxygen sensorCatalytic converterEVAP leakVacuum leakEGR Valve

It isn"t straightforward to recognize the reason of the check engine irradiate without analysis the codes.

How to read Cadillac codes

The complying with steps provide information on just how to review Cadillac error codes from the Engine manage Unit (ECU).

What you will certainly need

You can purchase a scanner online or loaned one indigenous your local auto components store.


Locate the OBD-2 harbor under the dashboard of her Cadillac ~ above the driver"s side. This is a 16-pin port, and also all 1996 and newer Cadillac vehicles have this port.

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Connect Scanner. Plugin her scanner or Bluetooth adapter right into the OBD2 port. 


Turn ignition ON, key in position II. Every Cadillac dashboard lights will turn on but do not begin the engine. If her Cadillac has a Start/Stop button, friend will should press the START switch without pushing the brakes. 


Turn on the scanner. Allow her OBD2 scanner to rotate on and connect to her Cadillac Engine regulate Unit (ECU). This step deserve to take up to one minute. 


Read Codes. Read Cadillac examine engine light codes native the Engine regulate Unit (ECU) 

Clear Codes. Once you have read the codes and also fixed the underlying problem, you deserve to come back to clear Cadillac CEL codes. Walk to the Erase codes menu. Select YES to clear the Cadillac check engine light. 


Check engine irradiate codes need to only be clearing (erased) only after the problem that prompted the light has been fixed.
Reading Cadillac inspect engine irradiate codes and resetting it once you settle the difficulty is straightforward. Any type of Cadillac owner deserve to read and clear the Cadillac inspect engine light at home.
This procedure functions on Cadillac ATS, CTS, XTS, CT6, XT5, Escalade, SRX, DTS, STS, BLS, XLR, and also other models.

OnStar Subscribers


If you are subscribed come OnStar, push the switch to attach to an Advisor. They have the right to run a diagnostic check and also retrieve the trouble code(s) indigenous the Engine manage Unit (ECU).

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If you room not subscribed come OnStar, follow the accuse to check out the fault codes yourself. This procedure is effortless and also takes less than 5 minutes.