Since stainless stole is such a great material for energy sinks, it’s basic to expose them come an assortment of products from miscellaneous home development projects, including paint.

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Paint have the right to easily uncover its means to her sink, and also if the dries, the can become a an overwhelming task to get the paint off that it. It’s no recommended to use abrasive products or approaches as the can injury the complete of the sink.

However, solvents it seems ~ to it is in a viable option. Prior to you use any solvents, it’s essential to check them in one inconspicuous area beforehand.

Important to store in mind

Also, it’s always a good idea to use gloves also when using solvents.

There are lots of different kinds the solvents the you have the right to use, every one of which have actually their level of toxicity and strength.

The solvent you use have the right to depend on the area in which you space working, those you currently have in your home, and the severity of the paint stain or spill.

You must never incorporate solvents. If the first one you try doesn’t pan out, make certain you to wash the sink an initial before trying an additional one.

Different types of solvents come use


Turpentine is a good choice because that the removed of dried latex paint. The is less toxic than petroleum-based options. All you have to do because that this is take it a clean rag and put part turpentine on the corner of it. Use a rubbing motion on the repaint stain to assist dislodge and dissolve it. To wash the area with water.


Another alternate is lacquer thinner. This is a mixture that acetone and other solvents. You have the right to dampen a sponge or rag with the solvent and rub it directly onto the dried repaint to soften and remove it.

You can then to wash it and finish it off with some Bon Ami and water. This method can occupational on acrylic paint, oil-based paint, and also other paint stains.

Finishing the process

When you room finished through the paint removal, it’s finest to rinse the sink completely with water and also pat that dry. This is also good for keeping your sink, even without the repaint spill in it.

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If you desire to make your sink shine again, put some olive oil on a cloth and also buff the stainless steel lightly.