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By GrannieSnake
Harry Potter years 5-7Red Bricks by GrannieSnake (teancumwa | MSN)

So below are the Red Bricks in the game with the info that I have onthem. I 'm new to this so I recognize that it's not complete, but I'll add what Iknow. Castle are provided as they appear left come right, peak to bottom, off thesecond floor room wherein you buy them at the Leakey Cauldron.1. Comedy Specs 2. Advanced Guide; You want to obtain this one ASAP, the Ghost will move fasterthan in year 1-4 so you have to pause the game sometimes to watch if friend haveeverything. ~ you complete the video game through, the Ghost will stay placed in thecenter of the rooms making it easier to read. 3. Disguise4. Carrot wands5. At sight Strength; This provides it so the you don't need to make the strengthpotion to traction the red bars in the game. You find it in the Weasley's Gardenin Hogworts, but you'll need to use Dark Magic. 6. Character Token Detector; You'll have actually a little white arrowhead showing girlfriend where

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a character token is. You find this one in Professor Trelawney's class roomby using the Spectrespecs (Year 6)7. Loss Rescue; no as negative of a trouble as year 1-4, however still helpful. It'sin the library, but you require a Ravenclaw, I supplied Penelope Clearwater. The cost125,000 studs.8. Character Studs; In the Dining Hall, however you'll need Dark Magic. That cost75,000 studs.9. Score x 2; In Hogsmeade, use the Spectrespecs (Year 6) and build a snowman. Cost is 200,000 studs.10. Score x 4; In the London Train Depot use Hermione's Cat (Year 5 after youcan get ago to the Train depot). It cost's 400,000. The was among the firstone you have the right to get, and will make obtain "True Wizard" easier. 11. Score x 6; on the route to Hogsmeade you need to have and use Ron's Light.(Year 7 component 2)12. Score x 8; This is Hermione's pink pad that you uncover on the route from theTrain Depot to hogwart School. (year 7, component 2)13. Score x 10; The lake area close to Hagrid's hut, you'll need Hermione's Purse(Year 7, component 2) and costs, 1,000,000 studs.14. Stud Magnet; You uncover this in the Room of requirement area (ProfessorSlughorn's classroom) girlfriend can get it in ~ the finish of Year 6 after you relearnReducto. It costs 250,000 studs. 15. Regenerate Hearts; This is in the Thestrals area behind Hagrids hut. Youneed Dark magic, and some players had actually a tough time getting the crate to the owl. Make sure you have actually the left next of the log open when you discover thestralhandling in the story mode. On the right side that the log is a environment-friendly plantthat you have to hit the facility of 2 x's to remove it. It expense 50,000 studs. 16. Extra Hearts; You'll find this one in Umbridge's Classroom, however need a Darkmagic personality to open. You acquire the equine to absent the box. It price 75,000 studs17. Invincibility; In the Garden area prior to Professor Trelawney's course youhit the Red Flower. I don't mental if it to be Diffindo or a Dark magiccharacter that let me gain the box. It expense 500,000 studs18. Red Brick Detector; at the Hogsmeade Train Depot girlfriend hit the Hogsmeade susmam.orgwith Dark magic. It expense 250,000 studs.19. Hogwarts Crest Detector; This is in the grand Hall off to the ideal andyou'll require Dark magic. It price 250,000 studs20. Gold Brick Detector; This is one you have the right to pick increase the first time you're inthe London street area. Off to the far right you'll uncover a yellow garbagedump, choose up the 2 rubbish cans and also dump castle in. It cost 250,000 studs.21. Christmas; in year 7 component 1 the time area, girlfriend walk by a larger mushroomcap. Magic it increase to become a mushroom ride. Ride the large mushroom over 5small mushrooms, and the box will certainly appear. Why don't they do a college student inperil Detector instead!22. Collection Ghost Studs; This is in the very first side Garden together you come intoHogwarts indigenous the Train Depot, or a side garden turn off the Clock tower. Youcan't obtain into the garden right (you need to relearn lumos) a-way but as soonas you deserve to you desire to get this one the Ghost Studs are 1,000 studs apiece andwill assist you buy things latter on. I perform like just how the Ghost move faster inYears 5-7, your not waiting to pick up the studs. Oh, it price 99,000 studs too!23. Rapid Magic; It discovered in Snape's tower, but you need to have a Dark MagicCharacter. It price 75,000 Studs.24. Quick Dig; This one is on the pathway come Hagrid's Hut. You'll need to usethe Spectrespecs (Year 6