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I to be doing an oil adjust in the next couple of days and also was trying to find some input for type; dino or synthetic. Likewise apparently there room two types of filter that will certainly fit on that engine for this reason advice on i m sorry one to pick up will be appreciated. We won"t it is in towing anything yet where we space coming indigenous is pretty warm right now and we room heading southern to the reduced US claims where the heat will be much more, if this makes a difference.

I"m to run Mobil 1 High usage Formula 10-40 in my "95 460. The High Mileage has a greater zinc content that"s good for our level tappet engines. Because that a filter, I usage Mobil"s M1-301.

I used good old 10W-30 as soon as we had a 460-powered coach. Did no use synthetic as I preferred to change the oil regularly quite than try to expand oil readjust intervals on that engine.
I"m running Mobil 1 High usage Formula 10-40 in mine "95 460. The High Mileage has actually a higher zinc content that"s an excellent for our flat tappet engines. Because that a filter, I usage Mobil"s M1-301.

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IMHO the most important thing come remember concerning oil is a motorhome, or van hauling a trailer, is being based on a lot an ext stress then what the engine an equipment uses as its communication for developing the great of oil come use. Oil is the just thing in between moving metal parts under motion. The require to change your oil is dependence on the intake of the rig and also time. As a rule I change mine every 2,000 mile or as soon as I examine the oil and it is transforming black. It?s black color for a reason. Ns would usage synthetics if ns was rolling in disadvantage conditions. Otherwise standard oils must suffice. I have actually a Ford 460 and also use Castrol or Valvoline 10W-30. If you space in hot desert conditions on a continual basis 20W-50 might be a much better choice. Or 5W-30 if in a climate that on regular basis goes below freezing. If you are in a freezing environment in the winter and a hot environment (100+) in the summer a change to a various viscosity might be in order as soon as the seasons change.
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I have actually a 1995 Ford 460. I freshly did an oil and air filter change. I provided Mobil 1 fully synthetic 10-30 v a k & n oil filter. I likewise replaced the waiting filter v a k & n filter, the life time kind you business yourself. Though, this was a an ext expensive way to go, i seem come have gained some mpg by act this. Approximately town, ns was acquiring 7.5-8 mpg. After the k & n upgrade, ns now acquire 9 mpg roughly town. I freshly took a pilgrimage to the mountains, ns was very pleased to acquire 10.5 mpg going up and down the mountain qualities at the high elevations. Ns imagine on flat roads in ~ 55-60 mph, I might maybe to express 12 mpg. Because that a motorhome v a 460, ns think that is quite good. I very much recommend k&n products.