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there are few more iconic visions that Los Angeles 보다 the one portrayed in Randy Newman"s 1983 music video for his single "I Love L.A."

The colors room bright and warm, together is the sunlight. Newman croons from his convertible warm rod—both he and the "big nasty red-head" sitting shotgun don sunglasses and flowy Hawaiian shirts.

The video clip takes us previous Burrito King in Echo Park, the Melrose/Normandie exit on the 101 North, the gleaming towers of glass and also steel in Century City, and also even along Palisades Park in Santa Monica. Native shots the Disneyland, come a man doing what seems to it is in Tai Chi ~ above the beach, you can"t assist but swell v love because that L.A. When watching this video.

But that was 1983. 34 years ago (oy vey). OMC walk a cover of Newman"s song in 1996 (21 year ago—double oy)—however, the music video stayed quite securely come a residence in the hills.

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Enter Crash (aka Christopher Richard). The previous member the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, and also The deadly Syndrome, has released his new album big Waste. And the music video clip for the album"s eponymous lead single took up Newman"s torch.

Crash"s version, command by Dan Samiljan, access time us best off the bat through the kind of high-keyed, super-saturated color we"ve involved expect in this period of Instagram. What complies with is a near shot-by-shot recreation the Newman"s original—updated for complete irony, that course. Rather than a shiny, red Buick, Crash drives a beat-up Benz. And that red-head sitting shotgun is a mannequin dressed to look favor the mrs in the "83 video.

Crash then takes us down the roadways of L.A. From burrito King in Echo Park, past the Melrose/Normandie leave on the 101 North, and even follow me PCH in Santa Monica.

"When Crash play me "Big Waste", ns heard a supervisor fun, LA summer jam and immediately assumed of "I Love LA."," Samiljan told "We re-watched Randy Newman"s video on YouTube (as well as Kris Jenner"s "I Love my Friends" video, which is essential) and also knew we had actually to update it to view what LA would certainly be like 34 years later. Numerous of the shots are replicas that the original video clip while we threw in some brand-new ones, do the efforts to save the same loving (but cheeky) vibe. We knew where to find a most the initial landmarks, but some that which we stumbled top top by accident when filming, which ns assume is just how they found some shots once they filmed the original. It was like an LA scavenger hunt. Ns was sad to uncover the mrs on the Trashy Lingerie authorize was no much longer working."