Romeo and also Juliet, the tragedy by wilhelm Shakespeare everybody has actually heard of, has actually a many puns in it. It is a story of two lovers and things that are happening come them. Romeo and Juliet starts with a triple pun ~ above the people collier (coal vendor) i beg your pardon sounds like choler (anger) and also collar (hangman’s noose). Listed below are countless puns from Romeo and Juliet.

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Benvolio, Romeo, and Mercutio pun about light

Benvolio: however let them measure united state by what they will; We’ll measure up them a measure, and also be gone.

Romeo: provide me a torch; i am not for this ambling. Being however heavy, I will bear the light.

Mercutio: Nay, tenderness Romeo, us must have actually you dance.

Romeo: not I, believe me. You have dancing shoesWith nimble soles. I have actually a soul of lead. So stakes me to the ground i cannot move.

Romeo and also Mercutio sexual pun

Mercutio: Nay, i am the an extremely pink the courtesy.

Romeo: Pink because that flower.

Mercutio: Right.

Romeo: Why, then is mine pump fine flowered.

Mercutio’s pun in plot III

…ask for me to-morrow, and also you shall discover me a tomb man.

Lady Capulet and Nurse Juliet Pun

I’ll lay fourteen of mine teeth–And yet, to my teenager be the spoken, ns have yet four–She is not fourteen.

Sampson Pun indigenous the first scene

Gregory, upon mine word, we’ll not carry coals.

Romeo and Mercutio pun from plot 1

Romeo: no I, believe me. You have actually dancing shoes / with nimble soles; I have actually a spirit of lead

The pun is on the word “soles” of shoes doubling for Romeo’s “soul that lead”.

Mercutio: Ask because that me tomorrow, and also you shall uncover me a tomb man.

Romeo and Mercutio pun about love

Mercutio: You room a lover; lend Cupid’s wings, and soar v them over a typical bound.

Romeo: ns am too sore enpierced v his tower To soar v his irradiate feathers, and so bound, ns cannot bound a pitch above dull woe: Under love’s heavy burden carry out I sink.

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Puns indigenous Juliet, Nurse, Gregory, Mercutio, and also Sampson

Sampson: Gregory, o’ my word, fine not carry coals. Gregory: No, for then we must be colliers. Sampson: ns mean, one we be in choler, fine draw. Gregory: Ay, while girlfriend live, attract your neck out o’ the collar Gregory: The arguement is in between our masters and us your men. Sampson: ‘Tis every one, i will present myself a tyrant. When I have fought with the men, I will certainly be cruel through the maids, and cut off their heads. Gregory: The heads of the maids? Sampson: Ay, the top of the maids, or your maidenheads; take it in what sense thou wilt.Juliet: offer me my Romeo and when i shall dice … .Juliet: oh I have actually bought the mansion that love … , and though ns am sold, no yet enjoyed.Mercutio: Come, the hath hid himself amongst these trees. Oh, Romeo, the she were, Oh, the she were.Juliet: Yea, noise? then I’ll it is in brief. O happy dagger! This is her sheath; over there rest, and also let me die.Nurse: i must another way, to fetch a ladder, through the which your love need to climb a bird’s nest soon once it is dark.