Bar Charts or Bar graphs are those graphs wherein we find many bars of various colors and lengths arranged in a straight line. This charts consists of rectangular bars of size proportional come the data they represent. This charts are provided to attract comparisons between data using these bars. When comparing data, various colors and patterns room assigned to these rectangular bars.

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Bar charts deserve to be drawn vertically and also horizontally, arranging the bars accordingly. A straightforward bar chart is drawn vertically and also is referred to as a vertical bar graph. A horizontal bar graph is supplied when there room a many categories involved and they can’t be fitted into the horizontal axis. Upright bar charts are also referred to as line graphs.

Bar charts compare different categories and changes in them. They are preferred over the other charts when managing larger numbers and data. The x-axis in this to represent the data being compared and the y-axis denotes the measured value.

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Two varieties of data are conveyed with bar charts, namely; nominal and also ordinal. In the name of data consists descriptive data, the aren’t ordered, which provides information regarding an event or a group. For example, the subject studied at a university. Ordinal data uneven nominal data is in one orderly fashion and can include various categories too. Because that example, a restaurant taking a survey from that customers about their service.

An instance of a bar graph is portrayed below, showing person loss challenged by 2 countries, throughout the civilization war.


Image source: Bar charts

Types of Bar Charts

There are different types of bar charts available that represent categorical data.

Horizontal bar charts

Typically, a bar graph is attracted vertically and also the higher the bar is the bigger the group is. This form of chart is supplied when the number of categories is more or the titles are longer, making it challenging for it come be included in the horizontal axis. The is, the longer the bar, the bigger the category.

Below space some portrayed examples that horizontal bar charts.


Image Source: Horizontal bar charts


Image Source: bar charts

Grouped Bar Charts

Grouped bar charts are recognized by countless names, column bar charts, multi-set bar chart, clustered bar graph, multi-set bar chart, etc. This chart type is provided to to compare categories of different groups and also can be drawn vertically or horizontally, based on our needs. Multiple collection can be compared in different categories utilizing this chart. The bars representing each group are arranged next by side, such the the distinctions in the same team is visual and also easy come understand. An example of a group bar graph is provided below.

Image Source: Grouped Bar Charts

Stacked Bar Charts

Stacked bar charts are very comparable to grouped bar charts. In this kind of chart, sub-groups are shown that autumn under different categories. The sub-groups are placed on peak of each various other or side by side to make one rectangular bar. The height or size of the bar reflects the category size that it denotes. To differentiate between the subgroups, every sub-group is offered a various color. Because that example, take the number of girls and also boys in a school finding out a music instrument. If you wanted to represent the percentage of full students play the instruments, along with displaying what percent is boys and girls, a stack bar chart deserve to be used.


Image Source: Stacked Bar Charts

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Advantages that Bar Charts

Bar charts space made of an easy rectangular bars, making it easier to attract them.The scales and also figures are straightforward to read.It mirrors all the categories current in a distribution.Bar charts summarize large complicated data into an easy visual layout for understanding.Changes or differences in groups are basic to allude out than in tables.Estimations and Calculations deserve to be conveniently made making use of this chart.Bar charts room most efficient with discrete data, such together rainfall end a month.

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Disadvantages of Bar Charts

It is tough to recognize the difference between two bars with similar looking heights.Sometimes bar charts require added information for readers to fully understand it.Only as soon as bar charts present frequency distribution, each data group can be it was observed properly.Bar charts are very common and also have lost impact on the readers.Bar charts often fail come mark vital assumptions, patterns, and also causes.Log scales are not allowed in bar charts, as they have to start in ~ zero.The high bars may overshadow minute details.

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That’s all around bar charts and also its uses. Expect this aided you with expertise the chart and also choose the right type of chart for her data.