Probability is figured out by separating favorable outcomes, by possible outcomes. Together there space 9 number in the offered set, the number of possible outcomes is 9. In the provided set, only 2, 17, 47 and 71 space prime number (divisible only by 1 and itself). Thus, there space 4 favorable outcomes, yielding a probability the 4/9.

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A element number is a number the is just divisible through 1 and also the number itself (examples include 3, 11, 19). The element numbers between 40 and 60 are 41, 43, 47, 53, and 59.


The vital word is “inclusive.” The prize is 18 element numbers. If friend answered 16, girlfriend did not incorporate 2 and also 61 as prime numbers. If girlfriend answered 17, girlfriend only contained one that the outer borders in the range. If girlfriend answered 15, you did not include the external limits, 2 and also 61, as prime numbers and miscounted. There space 18 prime numbers in between 2 and also 61 once you include the range’s limits.



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