limiting factor
any biotic or abiotic variable that restricts the existence, numbers, reproduction, or circulation of organisms.

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tolerancethe ability of an biology to resist fluctuations in biotic and also abiotic eco-friendly factors.
successionorderly, organic changes, and varieties replacements the take place in neighborhoods of one ecosystem over time.
primary successioncolonization the barren land by pioneer orgamisms.
climax communitya stable, mature ar that undergoes tiny or no change in types over time.
secondary successionsequence of transforms that take ar after a ar is disrupted by natural tragedies or person actions.
biomegroup the ecosystems with the same orgasm communities; biomes on soil are dubbed terrestrial boimes, those in water are dubbed aquatic biomes.
photic zoneportion that the maritime biome that is shallow enough for sunlight to penetrate.
aphotic zonedeep water that never ever receives sunlight.
estuarycoastal human body of water, partly surrounded through land, in which freshwater and sale water mix.
intertidal zoneportion that the shoreline that lies in between high tide and low tide lines.
planktonsmall organisms the drift and float in the waters the the photic zone; consists of both autotrophic and heterotrophic organisms, your eggs, and the juvenile stages of countless marine animals.
tundrabiome the surrounds the north and also south poles; treeless land with long summer days and short periods of winter sunlight; defined by permafrost.
taigabiome simply south the the tundra; characterized by a boreal or north coniferous forst created of larch, fir, hemlock, spruce trees and acidic, mineral-poor topsoils.
desertarid region with sporadic to nearly nonexistent plant life; the driest biome, generally receives much less than 25cm that precipitation annually.
grasslandbiome bomposed of huge communities covered with affluent soil, grasses, and comparable small plants; obtain 25-75 cm of precipitation annually
temperate/decidious forestbiome written of forests of broad-leaved hardwood tree that lose the fioliage annually, receives 70-150cm that precipitation annually.

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tropical rain forestbiome close to the equator with heat temperature, wet weather, and also lush tree growth; receives at least 200cm that rain annually; contains much more species of organisms than any type of other biome.
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