Posted by ESC ~ above April 06, 2009 in ~ 21:40In answer to: poor as a church computer mouse posted through Smokey Stover top top April 06, 2009 at 18:47:: : bad as a church mouse - whereby did that originate and also exactly why a church mouse is so poor? Is it due to the fact that there is no food in the church, and also what?:: The Oxford English dictionary has this:: "A computer mouse which inhabits a church. The proverb "as poor as a church-mouse" is found also in German, and other langs.": The first citation they provide of its use in English is indigenous 1731.: If a mouse tries to make it through in a church, it will presumably find tiny food. Even in ours time, as soon as church suppers and also socials and also picnics are common, the food is not actually save on computer in the church, however in an annex of part kind--if that is save on the premises at all, and also not specifically in the residences of the parishioners.: the course, there may not be together a point as a church mouse. Even an animal as stupid as a computer mouse is no going come stay long where food is so scarce. However, I"m ready to have someone an ext familiar v churches 보다 I am say the they have personally seen mice scurrying about in part church.I haven"t seen mice. Yet I attended a church -- situated near the Kentucky river -- that had river rats down in the basement. Or at least that"s what the minister said and also ministers don"t lie.The expression "poor as a church mouse" dates back to the ten century. "...James Howell"s 1659 proverb arsenal states it as "hungry" together a church mouse..." "Facts on paper Dictionary that Cliches," second edition, edited by Christine Ammer, Checkmark Books, brand-new York, 2006. Page 333. Ms. Ammer"s theory is the same as declared above: there"s no food warehouse at the church.(I would favor to deviate a tiny and attend to the component about animals not gift stupid enough to stay around where there"s no food. Online now I read a story about a dog who fell overboard, swam 5 miles come an island and also survived by killing and also eating feral baby goats. That was defined as "amazing." Swimming 5 miles could be amazing.

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However a hungry dog killing and also eating a goat isn"t amazing. It"s what dogs do.)Poor together a church mouse Smokey Stover 09/April/09Poor together a church mouse Smokey Stover 10/April/09Poor as a church mouse ESC 10/April/09Poor as a church computer mouse Smokey Stover 11/April/09Poor together a church mouse Smokey Stover 11/April/09Ezoicreport this ad