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The shop hand-operated says the transmission capacity is 33.8 ounces that fluid. ~ draining the fluid from my infection on a level shop floor the transmission will only take 26 ounces that fluid before its coming the end the inspect plug. I"ve checked tire pressures....same in all four and also put a level on the cart frame. The balloon is in between the lines.Any concepts on why this is? I"m fear to usage the cart now until I number out whats going on.Thanks for the help

Did you check the transmission fluid level before draining it. It may have actually been low which would define the liquid shortage. When you refill the transmission just don"t over to fill it. Fill only to the bottom that the fill opening.
Like the said.....fill to the opening and cap that off. No factor to obtain down to counting ounces! usage the KISS method....

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I checked the fluid prior come draining it and it was full. Best at the bottom of the inspect hole. Ns didn"t measure how much come out. Ns did review though just how much that is expect to hold and also the shop hand-operated says that holds 33.8 oz. And also when ns refilled it didn"t hold an entire quart before it started coming out the check plug. I measured what to be left in the quart bottle and there to be a tad over 6 oz. I did crank it and made a loop about the yard and also rechecked and also it took about 2 much more ounces.Vtech, ya gotta tell me what the KISS method is......there are waaaay too many acronyms flying around this site.....LOL
KISS.....Keep It an easy Stupid! us all need to remind ourself to use it indigenous time come time once we begin over thinking small things!
Not trying to over think anything simply wondering why its not holding what the manual says that does. If it was a larger transmission that held more than a quart i wouldn"t give it a 2nd thought yet being 6 oz shy of the 33.8 oz its mean to take is kinda concerning for me.
Well,I am certain there are small spots top top the case where oil collect, and also the only means to get it all out would certainly be to have actually the cases break-up on a bench! Seems choose the hand-operated is constantly off a bit, but as long as its full you"ll be great to go!
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