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The P.I.E.S. Wellness Wheel

Wellness Vibrations Consulting understands that wellness is not just the lack of an illness but a holistic journey that considers the “whole” of the organic state of human life. There are many dimensions that specify health and also wellness. However, over there are four foundational aspects to understanding the requirements for health and also well-being.

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Wellness Vibrations Consulting has adopted a philosophical framework using The national Wellness Institute"s meanings of 4 of the significant areas that the wellness Wheel: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual (P.I.E.S.).

The Physical dimension recognizes the require for regular physical activity. Physical breakthrough encourages learning about diet and nutrition while discouraging unhealthy lifestyles favor use that tobacco, drugs and/or too much alcohol consumption. Research reflects that optimal physical wellness is met with the combination of proper exercise and great eating habits.

As civilization travel the well-being path, they strive to spend time structure physical strength, flexibility and endurance while also taking security precautions consisting of medical and self-care with suitable use of the clinical system. The physical dimension of wellness entails personal responsibility and also care because that minor illnesses and also knowing when experienced medical fist is needed. By traveling the health path, individuals will have the ability to monitor their own an important signs and understand body"s warning signs. You will likewise understand and also appreciate the relationship between sound nutrition and how the physical human body performs. The services of looking great and feeling terrific most frequently lead to the emotional benefits of intensified self-esteem, self-control, determination and a sense of direction.

The Intellectual measurement recognizes one"s creative, stimulating mental activities. A well person increases his/her knowledge and an abilities while finding out the potential because that sharing their presents with others. Using pundit and social activities in the classroom and also beyond the classroom linked with the human resources and learning resources available within the universal community, a well human being cherishes intellectual growth and also stimulation.

Traveling a well-being path, you will certainly explore concerns related to difficulty solving, creativity, and learning. Girlfriend will also want come spend an ext time pursuing personal interests, while keeping abreast of present issues and also ideas. As you build your intellectual curiosity, friend will proactively strive to increase and an obstacle your mind with creative endeavors.

The Emotional dimension recognizes awareness and acceptance of one"s feelings. Emotionally wellness contains the level to i m sorry one feeling positive and also enthusiastic around oneself and life. It includes the volume to regulate one"s feelings and related behaviors including the realistic evaluate of one"s limitations, development of autonomy, and capacity to cope successfully with stress. The well human being maintains to solve relationships through others.

Awareness and accepting a wide selection of feel in one"s self and others is essential to wellness. Top top the wellness path, civilization are able to express feeling freely and manage feeling effectively. You will be able to arrive at personal choices and also decisions based top top the synthetic of feelings, thoughts, philosophies, and also behavior and will live and also work separately while realizing the importance of seeking and appreciating the support and also assistance of others. Friend will additionally be maybe to type interdependent relationships v others based upon a structure of common commitment, trust and respect and will be ready to take it on challenges, risks, and recognize conflict as being possibly healthy. Regulating your life in personally financially rewarding ways, and taking responsibility for her actions, will assist you view life as an exciting, positive adventure.

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The Spiritual dimension recognizes our search for definition and objective in person existence. It consists of the advancement of a deep appreciation because that the depth and also expanse that life and also natural pressures that exist in the universe. Your search will be defined by a relaxed harmony in between internal an individual feelings and emotions and also the rough and rugged stretches of your path. While traveling the path, you may experience plenty of feelings of doubt, despair, fear, disappointment and dislocation as well as feelings that pleasure, joy, happiness and also discovery - these are all essential experiences and also components to your search and will be presented in the value mechanism you will adapt to bring definition to her existence. You will understand you are coming to be spiritually well when your actions become more consistent v your beliefs and also values, bring about a "world view."

In addition to the over dimensions, the national Wellness institute goes additional to incorporate two other facets of well-being which Wellness Vibrations Consulting has embedded in numerous of its education programs.

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