The an initial chauffeurs were world employed to stoke a heavy steam engine and keep that running. The literal meaning of the French noun chauffeur (from the verb chauffer, an interpretation "to heat") is "one the heats." In the early on days of automobiles, French speakers expanded the word come those that drove the "horseless carriage," and it ultimately developed an extensive sense especially for someone hired to drive other people. It was this last sense the was borrowed into English in the late 19th century. Incidentally, the French word chauffeur derives from the very same Anglo-French word that provided English speaker the verb chafe, and ultimately deserve to be traced back to the Latin verb calēre ("to be warm").

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Verb the chauffeurs because that a millionaire. She to be chauffeured come the airport. he chauffeured his client to the hotel.
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Recent instances on the Web: Noun His spokesman doubles as chauffeur; Abbas rides shotgun. — Ruth Margalit, The brand-new Yorker, 25 Oct. 2021 It’s about a university student who takes a gig as a chauffeur and ends up driving 2 stylish, and also thirsty, young females on a night of partying around Los Angeles. — Jim Kiest, San Antonio Express-News, 21 Oct. 2021 The household was fine off, and also Anni to be cared because that by a household staff that had a chauffeur, a cook and a nanny. — New York Times, 17 Oct. 2021 By the moment Jean Eduver, a private chauffeur, left for work-related at dawn Wednesday in La Plaine, a level stretch the shantytowns phibìc of the Haitian capital, kidnappers had already hit his neighborhood multiple times. — Ingrid Arnesen, WSJ, 22 Oct. 2021 Lee Jung-jae plays Seong Gi-hun, who is an ominous gambling addict who resides with his yonsei mother and also works together a chauffeur. — Skyler Caruso,, 1 Oct. 2021 Eventually, Bart arranges to have Homer hired together Wolfcastle’s brand-new chauffeur, if Marge it s okay a gig as the home maid, Lisa is hired together art teacher and also even baby Maggie floor a job as groundskeeper. — Michael Schneider, Variety, 4 Oct. 2021 The tables turn in this thriller about a young chauffeur who drives two women approximately LA because that a night of fun. — Erik Kain, Forbes, 26 Sep. 2021 The chauffeur drove the car straight onto the tarmac in ~ Midway, avoiding right beside the plane. — New York Times, 25 Aug. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Verb your cab driver confirmed his suspicions and Danny paid him $100 to chauffeur them about to the remaining filming locations. — Tommie Ethington, Rolling Stone, 5 Nov. 2021 King Abdullah II once readily available to personally chauffeur Powell to the plane in Jordan in his brand-new Mercedes-Benz S500, which had actually a twelve-cylinder engine. — Robin Wright, The brand-new Yorker, 19 Oct. 2021 The China mobility segment mainly comprises drive hailing, taxi hailing, chauffeur and hitch services. — Charles Rotblut, Forbes, 3 Sep. 2021 Professional chauffeurs with cool Junction’s Adrenaline drive Adventure company will chauffeur you with Colorado’s wine nation in one RZR. — Brittany Anas, Forbes, 1 Sep. 2021 Napa valley Wine nation Tours will chauffeur you in a sleek Mercedes-Maybach (about $168,000 MSRP), at an all-inclusive rate of $208.50 per hour. — kris Macias,, 5 Oct. 2018 The agency has plans come chauffeur passengers come Mars in the near future, and component of this endeavor will incorporate a luxury resort stay. — Shelby Stewart, Houston Chronicle, 11 Aug. 2020 part may even chauffeur active viruses into healthy and balanced cells, inadvertently increasing infection. — Katherine J. Wu, Smithsonian Magazine, 26 might 2020 Elon Musk"s SpaceX is the conductor and also NASA the customer together businesses begin chauffeuring astronauts come the International space Station. — Marcia Dunn, The Christian science Monitor, 25 might 2020

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First recognized Use that chauffeur


1899, in the an interpretation defined above


1917, in the an interpretation defined in ~ intransitive sense

History and also Etymology for chauffeur

Noun and also Verb

French, literally, stoker, indigenous chauffer to heat, indigenous Old French chaufer — more at chafe

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The an initial known use of chauffeur remained in 1899

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