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Where have the right to I discover the pcv valve on my 2007 Jeep cool Cherokee v a 4.7L V-8 engine? I would certainly really choose to change it because I just purchased the vehicle and it has 67,000 mile on it. Also, what is the EGR valve? Is the something I should change?

right ~ above the tube whereby you include the oil........... Welcome come JG. The EGR valve fails about your milage for this reason you can replace it, the is in the ago of the engine and also a PITA to change.
No, mine is no on the tube whereby I include the oil. That"s whereby it is an alleged to be yet not mine for part reason and also I have two 2007 Jeep Cherokees and neither one is on the tube. Hmmm???? mystery.

Here ya walk

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I have actually an 07 4.7L V8 flexfuel. I have actually seen a picture somewhere on below that shows the location of my pcv valve. The is on driver side header closest to fire wall. There is a clearly shows blue clip on it wherein it goes right into the header. Ns am hoping someone has changed that with some advice.

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Update: obtained the new pcv valve from dealer and replaced it. The old one was dirty but the machanism still rattled. Maybe can have obtained away through sprayin it v carb/brake cleaner -but - ns figured I already went through the problem to figure this out and also get the old one out. So, I put the new one in:It simply screws in and also out. Caution: if you just drove indigenous the shop to obtain the part, then the one you"re taking out will be hot. Over there is a hose that seats on top of the valve - just pull the off. Supplied a collection of channel locks to unscrew the old and collection the new one. (If girlfriend look in ~ the 4th pic carefully you have the right to see the threads in simply past the behind of the fuel rail). Reattatched the water tap to the peak of brand-new pcv valve. Piece of cake!The WK has roughly 54k miles and was having actually an erratic idle that hovered approximately 500rpm"s. Now it purrs along at a steady 600rpm"s. Plus, while i was figuring all this out, yesterday I adjusted fluids in front/rear diffs & t-case, and readjusted brake pads. A good couple days work.