Field hockey sticks come in a variety of lengths, shapes, and also materials. Familiarize yourself v the different choices you have in rod choice, and your video game will advantage from it. If you’re just starting out in the game, there room some an essential characteristics of field hockey sticks that you have to pay fist to. And also if you’re in search of a left-handed stick, you can stop now. Ar hockey sticks are just right-handed.

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A great place to begin is through trying out a couple of sticks native a teammate or coach. Uncover out what lock like and also dislike, and get a feeling for what kind of pole is comfortable for you. There room a variety of options to pick from.

Parts of the StickThere space three key components that the stick: The handle, bow, and head. The handle, additionally called the grip or shaft, is the part that is held. That is spanned with a grip or tape that helps you come keep manage of that while using the stick. The bow describes the curve of the stick. By regulations, this bend cannot be an ext than 25 millimeters. Finally, the head deserve to be separated into 3 parts. These space the heel, toe, and also scoop. The hoe is the bottom part of the stick, i beg your pardon connects come the toe, or the striking surface ar of the stick. The scoop is opposite the heel, and also has a little groove that is provided to aid handle the ball.

Toe TypesThe toe that the rod has 4 different alternatives for you to choose: Hook, Maxi, Midi, or Shorti. The bulk of football player will choose the midi style due to the fact that it has the best versatility. It’s likewise best for beginning players because of this. In general, defensive players choose a hook or maxi-style toe, while those on offense go for a shorti.

The BowAs mentioned before, the maximum bow the a rod is 25 mm, however this bend deserve to be at various places in the stick. The consistent bow is one even, centered curvature that is ideal for beginning and intermediate players, due to the fact that its balance permits for much better overall play. For progressed players, the regulate bow move the bend in the rod closer come the toe. This increases power and allows for better control, however requires much more skill. In ~ the elite levels of the sport, late and also extreme so late bows enable for even greater power and also control. These ar hockey sticks take even much more skill come control.

Materials Most beginning of the person sticks room made that wood. These sticks assist beginner and also intermediate players to build their an abilities with a more flexible, lightweight and comfortable feel. Composite sticks sheathe a whole range of ability levels and also materials. In fact, plenty of wooden sticks are also composite, provide that they space covered in fiberglass to boost durability.

Fiberglass sticks help to keep that light, balanced feel of the wood stick when offering countless of the advantages of an upstream stick, with a lower price tag. At the highest end of the materials range, carbon fiber rod offer higher power and control, however are harder come control. They often tend to be provided by elite players.

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Stick SizingSticks deserve to be as much as 40 customs long, however most sticks used are walk to be in a selection between 32″-38″. The following sizing chart offers a good starting overview to detect the right stick:


Finally, you want to choose the stick based ~ above which skills you want to enhance, rather than entirely by position. No matter what her level of pat or play position, Longstreth has the sticks, balls or other field hockey equipment for you.