Although the virtual pen community seems to be focused on fountain pens these days, i still feel thrilled once I come across a cheap, day-to-day pen or pencil that i haven"t tried yet or checked out before. Also if it"s just a PaperMate mechanical pencil, prefer this one, the PaperMate X-Tend.

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While PaperMate is definitely not one of my favourite brands, the X-Tend appears to it is in serviceable. The key thing it"s acquired going because that it is the grip. The fixed is fat and also squishy and also - best of every - tapered down to the tip, i beg your pardon is appropriate for me since I often tend to grip my pens and also pencils close to the tip. However, I"m not as well fond the the slightly difficult texture the the grip, which likewise makes this pencil right into a magnet because that dust and lint. (Seriously, you could probably usage it asa substitute for a lint brush.) yet the fixed is comfy, and I probably would have appreciated this pencil throughout some of mine math and physics exams in university.
Look, the retracts! i felt for this reason clever as soon as I figured this out. Also, the disgusting linty grip.
I prefer that the eraser on the finish is a kind size and not surprise under a cap (which can easily be lost). I additionally like the the pencil is available in 0.5mm, not just 0.7mm. And I favor that you can retract the reminder of the pencil into the barrel, a attribute I only found while creating this testimonial (could this probably be the origin of the surname "X-Tend"?). Yet the paint on the barrel is of negative quality, with several scratches in it. End time, it will more than likely wear off completely. Till then, itcan complement the linty grip and, since I uncover this pencil rather ugly-looking already, the doesn"t really injury the appearance.

Overall, the PaperMate X-Tend mechanically pencil it s okay points because that its fixed (and bonus points because that being able come retract the tip), yet not for lot else. I"m still happy come have found it, though, due to the fact that discoveries of new (to me) pens and pencils always make me happy. I"m not certain if PaperMate still renders these pencils (I didn"t view them detailed on their website), yet they it seems ~ to it is in still obtainable in various places online - though they"re most likely not precious seeking out unless you really autumn in love with the grip.

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