One specialized COD zombies player sets a brand-new World document for Nacht Der Untoten, getting to Round 255 after 300 hrs of gameplay.

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It’s to be 13 years since Nacht Der Untoten released with contact of Duty: civilization at War. Since then, we’ve seen our same share the high runs in the OG zombie map.

However, we’ve never seen something on this scale. One zombies streamer has set a new World record for Nacht Der Untoten, getting to the game’s final wave at round 255.

(Source: Activision)

Playing in zombies Chronicles in black Ops 3, the user will the last wave that the video game after a staggering number of in-game hours. And also by doing so, castle secure us a place in the cod Zombies hall of fame forever.

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New Nacht Der Untoten people Record – round 255

Thanks to the efforts of one truly devoted Call the Duty zombie player, the world record the Nacht Der Untoten currently sits in ~ the unbeatable round 255.

For those unaware, without pc mods, the highest feasible wave in black Ops 3’s Zombies setting is ring 255. However, it’s almost impossible to get that much in-game.

Twitch streamer tomphantasy just smashed the existing document of ring 217, reaching wave 255 after nearly 300 hrs of effort.

Over the course of 20 days, the streamer grinded tide after tide of Nacht Der Untoten zombies live top top stream. And in 296 hours and also 36 minutes, they lastly completed the map officially.

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(Source: Activision)

Given the there’s no Pack-a-Punch in Nacht Der Untoten, the user opted for the Thundergun and the Kuda to help eliminate the undead.

It was a grueling process and one that us can’t imagine having actually to perform for ourselves. But it’s one incredible success for the streamer nonetheless.

MORE CoD zombies

Tomphantasy was rewarded because that their efforts however, v 300 gifted subs for setting the new Nacht Der Untoten civilization Record. We’re not sure it’s fairly worth the effort but it’s a nice reward nonetheless!

In various other Zombies news, we’ve obtained guides to every the Mauer Der Toten Easter Eggs and more! Meanwhile, it looks together though Zombies setting is return to ko Mobile really soon!

What’s more, can there it is in a standalone speak to of Duty Zombies video game coming soon? Reports indicate that could well it is in the case.

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And new leaks also indicate the Vanguard will have a Zombies setting with help from Treyarch!

Nacht Der Untoten round 255 human being Record. The first Round 255 on the map and the longest zombie game. Play this in just under 20 days. The assistance on the streams to be crazy. Gained gifted 300 subs as soon as I hit it lol. Native CODZombies

We’d prefer to hope the the developer will certainly still have time to relax one final Zombies map in black Ops Cold battle at least. However, Cold War might be the most supported call of Duty game of every time, for this reason there could be plenty more on the way – new leaks suggest.