The poem as soon as UPON A TIME is created by Gabriel Okara, a Nigerian poet. That is created in the backdrop of Nigeria’s freedom from Britain. The poet appears to be shocked by the adjust of lifestyle, values, morals and the total adjust in the civilization view in the ‘new, elevation country’. He seems to be mourning for the passing far of a means of life. Though the country is politics independent, it seems to it is in still affected by the british culture. The poet remembers the means people used to behave and also interact with each other. Exactly how the civilization used to carry out things v their hearts and also soul.

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The poem explains what happens when a classic African culture and people meets with the west culture. V his nostalgic vision, the poet recalls the golden times of the past. The function of the city is to outline the behaviour and also personality that the civilization at the moment. It likewise makes an effort to bring ago the personality the the people who supplied to do things v emotion and also heart.
The poem is a conversation between a father and also his son.The kid does points with emotions and also father desires to forget his fake personality and also re-learn and recreate his personality by following the worths of the past. The asks his son to refer true love and also to have actually real worry for others.
Gabriel Okara’s as soon as UPON A TIME is around the artificial relationship and also manners prevailing in the present world. Follow to the poet,past is much better than present.Because there was love, sincerity and also faithfulness in the past. Currently in the present, whatever has changed. Hence the poet desires to relive the past.
when upon a time, the human being used come laugh v their hearts and also eyes. The is, there was genuiness in what lock said and did. However in the present, over there is only outward ‘teeth laugh without knowledge the speaker’s real self’. The eye are described as ‘ice block cold’. The human being have become money minded and also they develop their relationships only with the rich. Also when shower hands with others they are an extremely artificial and mechanical.
Guests space no much longer welcome these days. Castle are given a warmth reception just once. If lock visit their friends or family members thrice or much more number that days, the doors room shut ~ above them.

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In this materialistic and artificial world, the poet has actually learnt countless things specifically wearing many faces favor putting on countless dress, one needs to have ‘home face’, ‘office face’, ‘cocktail face’ and so on. All space fixed similar to the portrait smile. As this is the method of the world, the poet/speaker has additionally learnt laughter v teeth; the arts of speak ‘good bye’ once he way ‘good riddance’, ‘Glad to meet you’ as soon as he is not glad; and also ‘nice talk to you’ as soon as bored..!!
The poet wants to his kid to imbibe the exemplary values of the past. In the direction of the finish of the poem the poet appeals come his child to show him how to smile entirety heartedly. He desire to revisit the past is nothing but a yearning for the innocence, faithfulness and also sincerity.

plzzzzzzzzz aid me in concern of why to be the great of father not valuable in as soon as upon a time


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