Brick is an indispensable ingredient of the building and construction of a funding structure. Through it, you have the right to create facility arches, vaults and also aqueducts. In Russia, this building material became known in the 15th century. From that time on, he gotten in the life of citizen tightly. Today it is difficult to imagine building without brickwork.

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Each developer sooner or later on is affected by the question of how much a red brick pallet weighs. You need to understand this at the phase of budgeting in stimulate to calculation the price of structure construction.

Most suppliers like to measure building materials with pallets. But the trouble is the the manufacturer has the ideal to readjust the amount at his discretion. The quantity and also weight count on the residential policy the the production plant.

The following determinants can affect the price that a brick:

Producing country. Material made in Europe will cost much much more than the exact same Belarusian. In order no to go to extremes, most gain a domestic product. The many affordable price because that bricks indigenous the suburbs.The variety of intermediaries. The most rewarding purchase alternative is the manufacturer. Follow to the indestructible rule of the economy, it is clear the the much more intermediaries, the an ext expensive the calculation price. Carry out not overpay because that resale margin.Size should also not it is in overlooked. Exercise proves the a single brick is 30% cheaper than a double. Thus, material prices can it is in reduced.

Different in shape are different. Hole is much cheaper 보다 corpulent.

Do no throw turn off accounts and specifications. They are selected relying on the function of the building under construction.

Often the price of shipment is added to the expense of the brick. Therefore, examine the rates and calculate the distance between the seller and the construction site.

Red brick, that is also ceramic, is make of clay, right into which various additives are added that are responsible because that the shade scheme. The is why over there are countless shades the red bricks.

You deserve to buy red brick indigenous a Russian manufacturer inexpensively. The unit price varieties from 9.7 rubles come 13.5.

How much does a pallet the bricks weigh

For packaging and also transportation there is a unique GOST, which clearly spells out the rule

stacking the on pallets. In total, there room three varieties of possible folding - herringbone, die and also rib. GOST stipulates and also how much the pallet should carry - no more than 850 kilograms.

Unscrupulous manufacturers frequently neglect the prescribed rules and also sell their goods in other packages, the weight of which have the right to reach nearly 3.5 tons. Every of lock is make the efforts to save money and deceive the rule by inventing its own scheme. Laying a brick in rows or in ~ an angle leads to the fact that the same variety of bricks will weigh differently. Others leaving the reduced layers complimentary so as no to deform the material throughout transport.

Therefore, if you desire to know just how much one pallet weighs, ask the seller a question. If you decide to calculation yourself, then you need to recognize the weight of one piece in the pallet.

Brick weighs differently. It relies on the raw material from which that is made. Thus, to calculate the weight of a pallet with a material, you need to recognize three indicators: how much is the weight of a brick unit, their quantity and the fixed of the pallet. Multiplying these indicators, we acquire the actual weight the the pallet with bricks.

If the manufacturer claims to produce standard ceramic bricks, then one pallet weighs the same. Packed in 480 pieces, have actually a weight of 1.92 tons.

There room a lot of species of bricks today, and also there are additionally versions of communication for their packaging. Just how to navigate and also understand in this situation, how numerous blocks or volume space you talking around when you “buy a pallet”? however in the ready of estimates and also the procurement of materials, this expertise is just necessary. You execute not acquire building blocks through the piece, the simple units of measure in construction stores are precisely cubic meters and also pallets.

Of course, there are - both top top the brick itself, and on the packaging platforms. Because that the first, this is GOST 530-2012, for the second, industry standard 18343-80. As soon as comparing the nominal size of single building block (250x12x65 mm) and also a pallet, they acquire a specific average capacity, which can be offered in preliminary calculations - 275 pieces in one pallet. Thiner facing brick because that the basic takes up less space, so the will already be right here 480 pcs.

In order no to resolve a basic enumeration of numbers, us will number out how and also why pallet capacity have the right to change. How numerous bricks room in the pallet depends on various components - lock all affect the final result, so you need to take into account each of them.

The larger and heavier the structure or cladding blocks, the less they will certainly fit on the platform. Accordingly, the kind of execution and the material affecting the load of one stone are the determining components in this matter. Because that example, porous or slotted red bricks are much lighter than solid ones, which method that a pallet can be loaded through a big number the blocks. Which one - think about below.

Dimensions and tonnage that the pallet

Today castle use conventional packaging platforms made of wood or metal of different carrying capacities:

750 kg - have a flooring of 1.03 x 0.52 m in size;900 kg - dong 1.03 x 0.77 m;1500 kg - Euro-pallet (GOST 9078-84) measure up 1.2 x 0.8 m.

These room the main signs that establish the top limit that pallet loading. To recognize how plenty of pieces of brick a maximum can be stack on one pallet, that is enough to divide its transporting capacity by the load of one stone.

“To the Christmas tree” or through overlaps - these are the main ways come compactly put a brick ridge on a platform and reduce the quantity of battle during transportation. Unfortunately, nobody of them allows you to easily calculate how plenty of pieces the brick in one pallet, by simply multiplying the rows and also stones.


Ceramic brick

The most famous material, i m sorry in many such calculations is a sort of standard. The thickness of hard ceramic block is 1800 kg / m3, the dimensions of solitary 1NF assets are also known: 0.25x0.12x0.065 \u003d 0.00195 m3. So, the conventional red brick will certainly weigh 3.5 kg. For slotted, this number is lower - an median of 2.4 kg.

When identify the capacity of pallets, the very same calculations room performed for other species of building blocks, after which the data acquired are associated with the volume of the pallets.

Brick PerformanceAverage weightCarrying capacity
750 kg900 kg1500 kg
Piecesvolume, m3Piecesvolume, m3Piecesvolume, m3
One and also a half4,21780,472140,563570,94
One and also a half3,22340,622810,744681,24

The numbers offered in the table space calculated and are tied come the typical weight of traditional ceramic blocks. At every manufacturer, they might vary slightly, relying on what density is the red brick, and the chosen method of laying the on a pallet. At the exact same time, for common wooden pallets made follow to GOST 18343-80, there is a limit on the elevation of the ridge - not an ext than 1 m.

Does this typical that ~ above a pallet it is set in smaller sized quantities? no really. The factor is that other platforms can currently be provided for silicates - wood-metal people that hold up come 450 pieces. Your sizes space larger: 1,915x0.6 or 1.74x0.52 m. Here a lot already depends top top the manufacturer chin - what kind of packaging the usually offers for his products. Many often, a brick pallet comes with so many blocks:

Single - native 240 to 300.One and a fifty percent - 350-380 pieces. Here you have to be careful, due to the fact that some plants ship "half-packages", where there are only 180 units of brick, while others market a large volume of 670-700 computers (usually these are cladding blocks).One and also a fifty percent slotted - depending on its voidness that is put on a pallet of 380-672 units.Double slotted - 448 pieces.

Also silicate brick, favor red, can be yielded with a collapse, the is, without packaging. However, in this case, the lot of fight during transportation rises significantly.


Refractory (fireclay) brick

Furnace blocks room made of distinct clay and tiny fireclay chips. They are very resistant come temperature extremes, withstanding up to +1600 ° C, and energetic substances. The selection of grades and sizes for this product is really large, so we will focus only top top the most popular types of fireclay bricks:

ШБ-5 - a refractory block weighing 3.4 kg. As soon as the dimension of the direct stone is 230x114x65 mm, up to 385 piece or 0.66 cubic meters are put on the pallet.ШБ-6 - he is a “bream”. It has a slightly different aspect ratio and also dimensions of 250x114x40 mm. The package holds up to 296 devices of brick with a weight of 2.4 kg each. The total volume of the stack is 0.34 m3.ШБ-8 - through dimensions of 250x124x65 mm it weighs 4.2 kg and fits onto big platforms of 625 pieces (1.26 m3).

A face or rib wedge make of chamotte clay, nevertheless of size, is packed in 415 systems per pallet.

We have offered generally accepted standards for determining the variety of different species of bricks in a conventional pallet. However, keep in mind that manufacturers can make various other decisions ~ above their very own in order come optimize transportation. So, having actually received preliminary figures in the calculations, carry out not forget to clarify the actual number of bricks prior to buying them.

To provide brick blocks to a construction site with minimal transport costs and not to miscalculate as soon as buying, you should understand how numerous bricks are in a pallet and how numerous such packages you should purchase, which deliver to order. At the exact same time, that is much easier to compare prices from various manufacturers (they space often collection based top top the pallet), to identify the full costs.

Types that brick packaging

For the convenience that shipment and transportation, brick assets are inserted on wooden panels (pallets) do of boards linked by bars. Shields space of two types and have actually standard sizes:

small - 0.52 x 1.03 m, load capacity approximately 0.75 t;large - 0.77 x 1.03, holds approximately 0.9 tons of cargo.

Often the manufacturer shows the variety of bricks, however there are choices when the does not. The approximate variety of products ~ above a pallet deserve to be easily established by calculation. To do this, the shield area is split by the base area the \u200b\u200bone product - this is how the number of products in the an initial layer is obtained. Climate multiply the result by the variety of rows in the to buy package.

Pallet rate

How many brick commodities on a huge pallet:

single (standard brick size 250 x 120 x 65 mm) - about 420 pieces;one and a fifty percent (250 x 120 x 88 mm) - roughly 390 pieces;double (250 x 120 x 138 mm) - about 200 pieces;double grooved - 192 pieces;tortoise M150 - 280 pieces;with a torn edge (single) - 308 pieces;with a torn edge (angular) - 352 pieces;basement - 478 pieces.

If the size of the encountering brick is 250 x 90 x 65 (shortened), then up to 360 piece are inserted on a huge shield. A little pallet hold less solitary bricks - 275 pieces.

How lot does a pallet with bricks weigh

It is important to know the answer to this question once ordering a car with a details carrying capacity - the number of flights and also payment for transport counts on the load of one invited pallet. Because that reference, listed below is information on what is the massive of one brick block.

Weight of 1 piece of heavy silicate brick: single - 3.7 kg;one and also a half - 5.0 kg.Hollow brick weight: one and a half - 4.0 kg;double - 5.2 kg.Ceramic products have a lower mass: single hollow - 2.6 kg;single corpulent - 3.6 kg;shortened - 2.1 kg.

Thus, you can calculate how much the weighs, because that example, small solitary brick pallet: 275 x 3.7 \u003d 1017 kg. If you add the tare load (15 kg), the gross weight is 1032 kg.


How numerous cubes of material do you need to purchase

The next number you need to recognize is how plenty of bricks room in a pallet in cubic meters? It will certainly take the volume the the product there is no solution. Because that one and a fifty percent bricks, the result is currently ready - 0.00264 m3; single - 0.00195 m3; twin - 0.00414 m3. Next, us multiply the number of brick blocks in the container by the volume of one block. Because that example, the cubic volume of a solitary brick top top a large pallet: 420 x 0.00195 \u003d 0.82 m3.

It continues to be to discover out the variety of packages - for this, the need for brick in cubes is separated by a number denote how plenty of bricks are in the pallet in m3.

GOST stipulates the rules because that laying bricks on pallets. Products are enabled to it is in laid in a “Christmas tree”, “on a die” and also “on a rib”, making use of cross-dressing. The load of 1 pallet have to not exceed 850 kg.

The full mass the the pallet through bricks is composed of the sum of 2 terms - the mass of bricks and containers.

Ready-made packaging with the products must be strengthened v a metal tape follow to GOST 3560. That is possible to usage shrink or stretch movie in accordance with GOST 25951 or 10354.

When storing assets in pallets, castle are split by brand and also type, one-tape stacks of one tier room arranged indigenous them. The is permitted to download packages on peak of every other, yet not higher than two tiers.

Manufacturers regularly ignore these needs of GOST and offer goods in packages that exceed the permissible load by 4 times. Each manufacturer provides packing of its goods, guided by personal considerations. Laying a brick at an angle of 45 levels or laying them in horizontal thick rows leader to a weight difference. Some manufacturers leave an are when laying to reduce the fill on the lower rows and also not deform them during transportation, which also leads to weight inconsistencies.

What will certainly be the load of 1 pallet, you require to uncover out indigenous the seller.

How lot does a red brick pallet weigh


Red brick has many varieties. In brick production, over there is a departure from part standards, since clay is different, and it does no make it feasible to provide all bricks created in Russia a solitary weight. All manufacturers provide customers with data together as:

The fixed of 1 instance.Total quantity in 1 package.Weight 1 pallet.

This is sufficient for the customer to be able to independently calculation the worths \u200b\u200bhe needs.

The complete mass of packaged brick assets consists of 2 components. The quantity will also include containers do of high thickness wood.

The pallet for transportation looks favor a wooden lattice on which a brick is laid. It weighs native 30 to 40 kg.

On a substrate, manufacturers regularly lay out a cube. This is practically for the seller, who conveniently considers the products released. Through this installation, the buyer can quickly calculate the variety of purchased building materials.

A product do of clay happens with voids within or is full-bodied. The much more cavities in his body, the less complicated it is. So, a solitary one v cavities occupying 50% that its body weighs 2.7 kg. The weight of the pallet with such ceramic assets will be 1.3 tons.

A brick of red solid solitary is put on a specially produced substrate from 200 to 330 pieces. The fixed of one product ranges from 3, 1 to 4 kg. The packaging deserve to be indigenous 660 kg come 1.2 lots of net weight, excluding packaging.


The weight of the red dealing with brick relies on that size. Normally it is hollow, and also in form - single or one and also a half. A single one will certainly hinder 325 pieces on the substrate, and also one and also a fifty percent - 240. Because of this difference in quantity, their total mass is practically compared. She will be 1.4 tons.

Refractory fireclay brand SHB-5 and weighing 3.4 kg fits on a substrate that 385 pieces. One package will certainly pull 1.3 tons. A package with SB-24 will also weigh.

Fireclay belonging come the brand SHB-8 and having dimensions larger than the of SHB-5 is put on a pallet in a smaller sized amount. In complete it will be 297 pieces with a fixed of one 4.2 kg. They will weigh 1.25 tons.

If the manufacturer stamps standard products that differ just in brand, strength and also color, then every the packages will weigh the same. One brick manufacturing facility offers any kind of ceramic facing brick, packed in 480 pieces. If the specimen weighs 4 kg, climate the entire package will certainly be 1.92 tons.

The state structure codes state the the weight of a pallet with solid or hollow bricks have to not exceed one indicator the 850 kilograms, however such rules are regularly ignored by the manufacturer and also the massive of the material, taking right into account containers, deserve to exceed one ton or exceed the encourage indicator by 2 or much more times. Follow to the needs of the product, it deserve to be stack on pallets v a “herringbone”, “on one edge” or “a dies” v obligatory dressing that elements. The same structure rules suggest that pallets v materials have the right to be inserted on a building site no greater than two tiers.

For the convenience that transportation and storage that goods, the container is wrapped v a one-of-a-kind thickened film and tied through a metal tape. ~ manufacturing, the brick is sorted by form and brand and sent come separate areas for storage in a warehouse.

The weight of the pallet v a brick have the right to be acquired from the seller or calculation independently, through the exemption of commodities laid the end at a certain angle - right here the weight indicator may differ. Once conducting live independence calculations, you need to have actually the complying with information: to understand the mass of a certain product and also their number in the pallet.

Solid brick pallet weight

When making such calculations, you need to understand the fixed of one certain material, the weight of the pallet itself and the number of products in the package, as stated above. Together for the pallet, that looks prefer a wood lattice, and also its weight rarely exceeds 40 kilograms. Typically, manufacturers place the brick top top a pallet in the form of a cube, which permits for maximum material counting.

It is recognized that in one package includes 200-330 pieces of ceramic full-bodied brick, us calculate exactly how much a brick pallet weighs, noted that the massive of together a product arrays from 3 to 4 kilograms:

if the mass of the product is 4 kilograms, for a package that has 200 bricks 200 × 4 \u003d 800 kilograms, because that containers v 330 assets 330 × 4 \u003d 1320 kilograms.

To all results, add the weight of the pallet chin 30-40 kg.

Hollow brick pallet weight

Hollow ceramic assets have the best thermal insulation properties, and likewise have a lower weight, respectively, and also a fill on the base. Single weight ceramic bricks will range from 2.2 to 2.5 kilograms, depending upon the mass fraction of voids. And now us calculate the mass of material with containers for the over values:

for a brick the 2.2 kilograms, if there room 200 pieces in a pallet, that mass will be 200 × 2.2 \u003d 440 kilograms, yet when the product weighs 2.5 kilograms - 200 × 2.5 \u003d 500 kilograms;for ceramic hole bricks weighing 2.2 kilograms, as soon as on a pallet that 330 such assets 330 × 2.2 \u003d 726 kilograms. Once the weight of each product is 2.5 kilograms, climate a pallet through such bricks will certainly weigh 2.5 × 330 \u003d 825 kilograms.

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Do no forget to add tare weight of 30-40 kilograms to the worths \u200b\u200bobtained.