I"ve viewed two different equations for the reaction that nitrogen dioxide with water:

$$\ce2NO2 + H2O -> H+ + NO3- + HNO2$$


$$\ce3NO2 + H2O -> 2H+ + 2NO3- + NO$$

Are both of this correct to some degree, and also is one more prominent end the other?



Both that the reactions are correct. However, the second reaction is created by "adding" two reaction equations.

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When nitrogen dioxide($\ceNO2$) is liquified in water, the produces a 1:1 mixture that nitric acid($\ceHNO3)$ and nitrous acid(HNO2). $$\ce2NO2(g) +H2O(l)->HNO3(aq) +HNO2(aq)$$i.e.$$\ce2NO2(g) +2H2O(l)->H3O+(aq) +NO3-(aq) + HNO2(aq)$$

However, since nitrous acid is stormy in any kind of environment except an extremely cold solution, that decomposes progressively into $\ceNO$ and also $\ceHNO3$:$$\ce3HNO2(aq)->2NO(g) +H3O+(aq) + NO3-(aq)$$

Your 2nd reaction equation is acquired by including these two reaction together.


Housecroft, C. E.; Constable, E. C. usmam.org, 4th ed.; Pearson, 2010, ns 777.


I composed the $\ceH+$ ion as $\ceH3O+$, so there is an extra water molecule top top the left side of the equation, in every case.

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Both have the right to take place, however nitrous acid is unstable. In warmth or focused solutions, the nitrous acid will certainly disproportionate, developing nitric oxide and more nitric acid. Therefore the nitrous acid is essentially only a short-term intermediate.

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