Welcome to the basic Persian translation page! all of the sentences and also phrases on this page were submitted by visitors to the site. It’s the perfect Persian phrasebook. Please be conscious that few of the sentences were not be covered in our weekly lessons. Most of the translations here are gift in conversational Persian in an attempt to convey the message properly.

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1. “I Love You” in Persian

I love you =

/du:set da:ræm/.

Dooset daram

NOTE: favor love itself, the over sentence is a bit complex in Persian!! among the an interpretation of “I love you”, and also the most usual one, is what you see above. This phrase has another equivalent in Persian, i beg your pardon is not very common in daily conversations. Rather, that is used in particular situations, or in poetry, music, and also finally in part writings. We deserve to say, /a:sheghetæm/ for /du:set da:ræm/. Or, any kind of other phrase that provides the word /a:sheghetæm/ is far better be used throughout the romantic moment only!!

2. “I to be interested in …” in Persian

I am interested in … .

/mikha:m beræm khu:neh/.

Mikham beram khooneh

5. “How are you?” in Persian

How space you?

/ha:letu:n chetoreh?/.

Haletoon chetoreh

6. “May ns come in?” in Persian

May i come in?

/mitu:næm biya:m tu:?/.

Mitunam biyam tu

7. “I’ll pertained to see friend tomorrow” in Persian

I’ll pertained to see friend tomorrow.

/færda: miya:m bebinæmet/.

Farda miyam bebinamet

8. “Happy birthday” in Persian

Happy birthday to you!

/taval.lodet moba:ræk!/.

Tavalodet mobarak

9. “I am constantly thinking of you” in Persian

I love you much more every day and I am constantly thinking that you.

/hær ru:z bish æz ru:z-e- ghæbl du:set da:ræm væ hær læhzeh beh ya:detæm/.

Har ruz bish az ruz e ghabl

10. “Happy new Year” in Persian

Happy brand-new Year!

/sa:l-e- no moba:ræk/.

Sal no mobarak

11. “Nice to satisfy you” in Persian

Nice to fulfill you!

/æz a:shna: i: tu:n khosh bækh tæm/.

Az ashnaee tun khoshbakhtam

12. “Hope to see you soon” in Persian

Salam pedar, it’s me Adrian. I just wanted come say “Hi and also I am lacking you a lot”. I hope to view you soon.

/sæla:m ba: ba:! mænæm, a:driya:n. Mikha:stæm behet sæla:m konæm væ begæm keh kheili delæm bæra:t tæng shod-e-. Omidva:ræm keh bezu:di bebinæmet/.


13. “I wish I might see you once more” in Persian

I great I might see you when more.

/ei ka:sh yek ba:r-e- digær mididæmet/.

Ei kash

14. “I’m waiting for you” in Persian

I will impatiently wait for you come come back.

/bi sæbra:neh montæzeretæm ta: bærgærdi/.


15. “You space so beautiful” in Persian

You are so beautiful!

/kheili khosh geli:/!

Kheili khosh geli

16. “When will certainly you come back?” in Persian

When will certainly you come back?

/kei bær migærdi/?

Kei bar migardi

17. “Grandfather and Grandmother” in Persian


/pedær bozorg/.

Pedar bozorg


/ba: ba: bozorg/.


/ma:dær bozorg/.

Madar bozorg


/ma:ma:n bozorg/.

18. “A red rose is prefer a warm kiss” in Persian

A red increased is choose a warm kiss, and I am sending out you a totality bunch the them!

/hær gol-e- sorkh bu:seh ye da:ghist væ mæn hælgheh i: særsha:r æz a:n miferestæmæt/!

Gol e sorkh

19. “I want” in Persian

I want

/mikha:m/. View sentence number 4 above.


20. “Please forgive me” in Persian

Please forgive me, ns am quiet the exact same lover!

/lotfæn mænu: bebækhsh, mæn hænu:z hæmu:n a:sheghetæm/!


21. “I speak a little Persian” in Persian

I speak a little Persian.

/mæn kæmi fa:rsi bælædæm/.

Man kami farsi baladam

22. “You room big” in Persian

You are big!

/to bozorgi/!

To bozorgi

23. “That’s cool” in Persian

It’s an extremely cool (Something very great and interesting).

/kheili ba: ha:leh/!.

Kheili ba haleh

24. “You space cool” in Persian

You are very cool (You space a good and really intersting person).

/kheili ba: ha:li/!!

Kheili ba hali

Note: number 23 and 24 are very common in Persian, yet they are really informal. You might use them as plenty of times as you wish once talking to her friends, but try not to use them in formal or official situations.

25. “I desire to perform with you … ” in Persian

I desire to execute with you what feather does to the Cherry trees.

/mikha:hæm bæra: yæt hæm chu:n bæha:ri bæra: ye sheku:f-e- ha: ye gi:la:s ba:shæm/.


26. “Nice meeting you” in Persian

Hey, my friend, Nice meeting you because the start of the year.

I don’t remember we usage the exact same composition in Persian for the over meaning. Instead, we use some various other expressions come express our emotion to the human we haven’t seen for a long time. So, the complying with Persian sentence is not the specific equivalent the the English one. It is translated based on the concept of the sentence, i m sorry is Persian-ized!

/chetori ræfigh? Ræfti ha:ji ha:ji mækeh, ha:?


Note: You might simply change /ræfigh/ = /du:st/ with the person’s name.

27. “FIFA civilization Cup” in Persian

FIFA world Cup

/ja:m-e- jæha:ni ye fu:tba:l/.

Jam e jahani ye futbal

28. “In her eyes” in Persian

In her eyes the flames the the twilight battled on.

/dær chæsh ma:næt sholeh ha: ye shæfægh beh seti:z shekoft/.

Dar chash manat sholeh ha ye shfagh beh setiz shekoft

29. “The irradiate wraps you” in Persian

The irradiate wraps girlfriend in that mortal flames.

/nu:r dær ha:leh i: mi:ra: mæstu:ræt mikonæd/.

Nur dar haleh ns mira masturat mikonad

30. “I’ll pray because that you” in Persian

I’ll pray because that you.

/bæra:t doa: mikonæm/.

Barat doa mikonam

31. “You brighten up my day” in Persian

You are prefer the sun, as soon as I think of you, friend brighten up mine day.

/to hæma:nænd _e_ khorshidi:, hær ga:h keh beh to biændishæm ru:zæm monæv.vær æst/.


32. “Monday is a distinct day” in Persian

Monday is a distinct day in Dushanbe as soon as there is no war.

/du:shænbeh dær (shæhr-e-) Du:shænbeh ru:z-e- kha:s.si:st ægær jæng næba:shæd/.


33. “Much coin much care” in Persian

Much coin much treatment (pain)

Note: we recognize that this is a proverb no a typical sentence. We additionally know that, basically, we perform not analyze the proverbs and also expressions. Rather, we find their equivalents in ours target language. Therefore, the Persian tantamount for the over proverb is this:

The broader the roof, the enlarge the snow.

/hær keh ba:mæsh bi:sh, bærfæsh bi:shtær/.

Har keh bamash bish

34. “Balance” in Persian



Ta adol

35. “She shed her balance” in Persian

She lost her balance and also fell off her bicycle.

/u: tæa:dolæsh ra: æz dæst da:d væ æz ru: ye carry out chærkheh æsh ofta:d/.

Oo ta adolash ra

36. “You have beautiful eyes” in Persian

You have actually beautiful eyes!

/chesha: ye ghæshængi da:ri/.

Chesha ye ghashangi dari

37. “Happy anniversary” in Persian

Happy anniversary!

/sa:l ru:z moba:ræk/.

Sal ruz mobarak

38. “Can ns speak to … ” in Persian

Can ns speak come Helen? (On the phone)

/mitu:næm ba: Helen sohbæt konæm/?

Mitunam ba helen sohbat konam

39. Happy Birthday song in Persian

During the past few weeks, I have actually received number of messages from her friends who have been questioning for a Persian song, or singing or something like this the is supplied in date of birth parties. As far as i remember, the Iranian greatly use the adhering to song throughout their date of birth parties. What you see listed below is a component of the tune (and the many important part of it). You already know the meaning, i beg your pardon is “Happy birthday to you”. To listen to this song, you’ll have to forgive my devastating voice!!

/tavæl.lod – tavæl.lod – tavæl.lodet moba:ræk. Moba:ræk – moba:ræk – tavæl.lodet moba:ræk/!


40. “Little sister” in Persian

Little sister

/kha:hær ku:chu:lu:/.

Khahar kuchulu

41. “Be honest” in Persian

Be honest without the assumed of sky or hell!

/bi ændisheh æz du:zækh ya: behesht sa:degh ba:sh/.

Be honest

42. “Good night” in Persian

Good night!

/shæb beh kheir/!

Shab beh kheir

43. “I love talk to you” in Persian

I love talking to you.

/mæn æz hærf zædæn ba:ha:t lezæt mi bæræm/.

Man az harf zadan bahat

44. “Tit because that tat” in Persian

Tit because that tat!

/in beh ja: ye u:n/!

In beh ja ye un

Also (more typical in everyday conversation):

/in beh u:n dær/!

In beh un dar

Also (in official speech prefer news)

/tæla:fi ju:ya:neh/.

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Talafi juyaneh

Example: A tit for tat (retaliatory) operation:

/æmæli ya:t _e_ tæla:fi ju:ya:neh/.

Amali yat e talafi juyaneh

45. “Could you carry out me a favour” in Persian

Could you carry out me a favour please?

/mish_e_ ye lotfi dær hæghæm bokoni/?

Mish e ye lotfi dar hagham bokoni

46. “When will you speak to again?” in Persian

When will you speak to (telephone) me again?

/du:ba:reh kei behem zæng mizæni/?

Dubareh kei behem zang mizani

47. “When will certainly you compose to me?” in Persian

When will you write a letter to me?

/kei behem na:meh midi/?