After analysis a couple questions around filters come fit Wheel steed engines, I believed these sites would be useful:


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Leave out the Fram, full Junk.


Remember, take the cross reference charts with a serial of salt. The details is only as specific as the info the dude/lady has when beginning the information.


Onan oil filter Napa 1348 or 1762

Onan wait filter Napa 7-02247 

Onan air filter foam wrap Napa 7-02295


Hydro oil filter Napa 1410


Kohler 7-8 HP Air filter Napa 7-02203 or Napa gold 2374

Foam wrap Napa 7-02277

Kohler 10-14HP air Filter Napa 7-02235 Napa yellow 2296

Foam plunder 7-02294

Kohler 16HP Napa 7-02226 Napa gold 2299

Foam pave 7-02227







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lynnmor 3,204

lynnmor 3,204

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Posted November 30, 2020

Yes, skip the Fram. Cross-reference charts might not take in factor to consider the physical diameter, size or the flutes because that an oil filter socket. Because that Onan, ns use just Onan 122-0800 or Fleetguard LF-3339, both made by Cummins and are the same except paint. Onan demands the diameter ideal to hold the rubber grommet in place, and also the length to grip because that installation or removal.

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tom2p 2,374

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Posted December 1, 2020(edited)

I"ve likewise only used Onan and also Fleetguard filters 


tempted to use a NAPA filter since they room high high quality - but I some Fleetguard filters on hand a few notes on the sizes of the Onan 122-0800 and also Fleetguard LF-3339 filters 


the early / initial Onan 122-0800 filters to be approx 3" diameter and 4 1/4 " length 


the most recent 122-0800 filters i received were smaller - slightly under 3" diameter (2.92") and also just end 4" length (4.05 ")


Fleetguard LF-3339 filter is approx 3" diameter and 4 1/2 " length 


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