How numerous of united state will confess to chewing on the end of a pencil whilst anxiously concentrating ~ above an test or dreaming up our following masterpiece? Whilst the an ideas is not rather the exact same for dogs, who periodically chew on strange items simply for the fun of it, that still happens. So, what wake up if her dog has chewed ~ above or eaten a pencil, and also what need to you do?


Are pencils toxicity to dogs? What around pencil lead?

The quick answer is no. Despite the name, the ‘lead’ in pencils is actually made indigenous graphite, a form of carbon the is not directly poisonous or toxicity to dogs.

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Let’s study the anatomy the a pencil:

The ‘lead’ main point of the pencil provided for composing is made of non-toxic graphite A wooden obelisk enclosing the pencil command is made of softwood, such as cedar The ferrule (the item of steel that attaches the eraser to the finish of the pencil) is make of aluminum. Whilst aluminum deserve to be toxic, the little amount uncovered on the finish of a pencil is i can not qualify to toxicity a dog and is much more likely to reason a trouble if it becomes stuck in the gut. The eraser top top the finish of the pencil is generally made the vinyl or rubber, which are non-toxic products safety non-toxic paint decorates the outside of the modern-day pencils we use now fancy pencils nothing contain graphite however instead, their creating core is wax or oil-based with pigment because that color, additives, and also binding agents.
Remember pencils are designed to it is in non-toxic together young kids (and plenty of adults) can chew top top them. However, this doesn’t do them fully safe for our dog to eat.

Why can pencils be dangerous to her dog?

Though pencil command isn’t toxic, pencils have the right to pose other threats to your dog if eaten or chewed. When her dog chews up a pencil, the timber splinters. This sharp pieces can reason injury to your dog’s mouth and also to the ago of the throat. In unlucky cases, piece of wood have actually been well-known to cause deeper damage, inquiry surgery, and can result in infection because of the existence of international material.

Image Credit: jular seesulai, ShutterstockUnfortunately, once swallowed, the very same risk of injury applies to the gut, together the stomach juices will certainly not malfunction the inedible piece of the pencil. In some cases, particularly for larger dogs or if the pencil has been chewed up and swallowed in small pieces, the pencil will merely pass through the gut v no issues. Yet larger sharp pieces of pencil hazard damaging the gut together they relocate through and can even reason perforation and also associated infection (septic peritonitis), which is life-threatening. Huge pieces of pencil (including the eraser and also metal ferrule), also risk gaining stuck and causing a blockage in the gut, especially in smaller sized dogs (intestinal obstruction). Mental if there is any type of concern around your pet’s health and safety, it’s constantly best to look for advice indigenous a vet.

My dog ate a pencil, what carry out I do?

So, what need to you carry out if you notice your dog has consumed a pencil? don’t panic and follow this step-by-step instructions!

1. Inspect your pet. If her dog is exceptionally flat and also lethargic or in a most pain go directly to an emergency vet. If her dog is active and bright and does not appear to it is in in distress, proceed to action 2. Any vomiting have to be report to a vet (see action 4) as this may be indicative of intestinal obstruction.

2. Prevent additional access. Clean up any remaining piece of pencil and any various other inedible products from the floor or almost everywhere your dog or other pets deserve to reach.

3. Piece together what happened. Could your dog have actually chewed increase or swallowed anything else? other items that stationery such as steel staples, glue, or crayons? go they chew increase the pencil right into smaller pieces before swallowing? exactly how much of the pencil is missing? The more information you can give your vet, the better.

4. Call the vet if your dog is at risk.

You must speak to a veterinarian. Make certain to provide them together much information as you have the right to including your dog’s breed, age, and also size, and details of any kind of unusual behavior and how much of the pencil friend think to be eaten. Also if you room unsure, it’s always best to seek the advice the a vet professional. From below your vet will provide you further advice over the call or tell friend to carry your dog to the clinic.

5. Monitor her dog. If the vet tells you to ‘wait and see’ if the pencil overcome through, make certain to store a very close eye on your dog end the next 2-3 days. You may see pieces of wood, eraser, or even metal passing through in their feces over the next couple of days.

What signs might I watch if my dog has actually chewed on or consumed a pencil?

If your dog has actually only eaten a small piece that the pencil or has chewed it increase into small pieces, you might not notification too much at all. However, the not unusual for your dog to have a mildly upset ship after eating something they shouldn’t. Indicators to be concerned about are vomiting (especially many times), ns of appetite, lethargy, and constipation. If any of these indications are present, girlfriend should contact a vet automatically as they can be indicative of minister obstruction. Difficulty chewing, blood indigenous the mouth, pain about the head, or head-shy actions is likewise of concern, together these indications are often connected with a penetrating injury come the mouth or throat.

Image Credit: Olexandr Andreiko, Shutterstock

What could happen in ~ the vet?

Your vet will begin by acquisition a considerable case background and performing a thorough physics examination of your dog. From here they may recommend taking a ‘wait and see approach’ and also feeding a soft, dense, wet food to assist bind up any pieces that pencil, permitting them to pass more easily through the gut. If they are concerned about an minister blockage or a penetrating injury come the gut or mouth, they will admit her dog come the hospital come run more tests such as x-rays, ultrasound scans, and blood tests. If over there is a blockage that needs removing, surgery, or endoscopy will be performed. If they are worried about injury to the mouth or throat, her vet may sedate or anesthetize her dog come examine and treat this area further.

It is extremely important never come make your dog vomit after eat or chewing on a pencil. The spicy pieces hazard injuring their esophagus and throat, resulting in a lot an ext harm 보다 good. That is likewise best to wait because that veterinary advice before feeding her dog, specifically if they are vomiting or showing signs of an minister blockage, as this might make points worse.

How deserve to I avoid my dog native chewing up and also eating pencils?

The easiest thing to do is stop leaving pencils, pens, or any kind of inedible items in ~ reach. This consists of coffee tables, the sheet of the couch, and anywhere your pets can access them. Make sure too that children are closely supervised when drawing or doing arts and crafts, or even better have her pets be separate in another area that the home until after ~ clean-up time.

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Pencils are not toxic to dogs, however sharp shards and splinters have the right to still reason them damage. It’s finest to avoid your dog native accessing pencils but, if castle do, you should contact your vet and also watch them carefully for any type of signs the distress.




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