Best High schools for sports in Every State

De La Salle football football player celebrate after ~ winning a CIF state championship in 2011.

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Every level the sports has actually made good strides over the years, but perhaps no level has made a bigger jump than high college sports.

The joined States has actually over 37,000 high schools, and broadcast access to games and events for some high colleges rivals that of collegiate programs. Simply think: fourty years ago, the NBA Finals were aired on ice delay. Now, you deserve to stream a live junior varsity archery contest between high college teams.

With this boosted exposure come high institution sports, a larger spotlight has actually been placed on athletic programs which space a cut above the rest. Some colleges have dominant teams in plenty of different sports. Others specialize in just one or 2 sports.

We have actually compiled a perform of the peak high school sports programs by state, plus Washington, D.C. The sporting activities they specialization in encompass everything native football to swimming to rugby to crew. The criteria emphasized state and national championships over all else, yet it also took right into account all-time wins, document streaks and collegiate/Olympic/professional athletes produced.

Did your high college make the cut?

Alabama: Hoover High School

A Hoover quarterback warms up before a game.

City: Hoover

Year opened: 1994

Type the school: Public

Hoover High school Facts

Hoover has won a the majority of football games.

Enrollment: 2,950

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Hoover High School

Hoover High School has a tradition of excellence in football.

Two-a-days are more than just having actually two methods in a single day. "Two-A-Days" additionally was the name of an MTV reality present that chronicled the Hoover High football team.

The show aired from respectable 2006 come March 2007 and also was the high school version that HBO’s "Hard Knocks." The reason why MTV determined Hoover High is since of its dominant football program, which had actually won 4 straight state titles once the display premiered.

Since then, the school has actually won six much more championships because that a complete of 13 state titles, v 11 coming since 2000.

High college football (and really, every football) is big business in Alabama, and also the team’s coach, josh Niblett, has a value of nearly $140,000, making the the state’s highest-paid windy coach.

Alaska: Soldotna High School

The Soldotna High college football team, in blue, throughout a game in 2018.

City: Soldotna

Year opened: 1980

Type the school: Public

Soldotna High institution Facts

The Soldotna mascot gets some love.

Enrollment: 563

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Soldotna High School

Soldotna restrict on the gridiron.

Yes, high institution football is play in Alaska. And yes, the game is more than the six- or eight-man variety. When those develops of football are easily accessible throughout the state, Soldotna High college lines increase 11 players to a side, and also they overcome all vain in prior of them.

The Soldotna Stars football team has actually won eight straight state championships and also 10 because the 2006 season. They additionally had a state-record win streak of 59 gamings that lasted till the an initial week the the 2018 season in which castle stepped up in class and lost to an Alaska high institution with 3 times the enrollment.

But Soldotna rebounded to success the remainder of the season’s games to store their state title streak alive.

Arizona: Canyon del Oro High School

A Canyon del Oro batter in 2017.

City: Oro Valley

Year opened: 1964

Type of school: Public

Canyon del Oro High college Facts

Many Canyon del Oro baseball players walk on to play college baseball.

Enrollment: 1,618

Best sport: Baseball

Bottom Line: Canyon del Oro High School

Canyon del Oro High School has one that the optimal baseball teams in the nation.

Due to Arizona"s arid climate, the most renowned sports in the desert state take ar outdoors. Thus, it’s no surprise that Canyon del Oro High institution in Tucson specializes in baseball and also softball.

The baseball team has actually won eight state titles, and also the soft ball team has built up nine the its own.

The teams space stacked through players that not just excel at the high school level but likewise go on to play college and pro ball. The CDO softball regimen has developed 24 department I football player while the baseball team has actually sent five players to the major leagues, including four-time All-Star Ian Kinsler.

Arkansas: pine tree Bluff High School

Pine Bluff High School, front has actually sent numerous players to the NFL.

City: pine tree Bluff

Year opened: 1868

Type of school: Public

Pine Bluff High school Facts

Pine Bluff quarterback Ladarius Skelton, left, makes a play in the Arkansas course 6A High school championship video game in 2013.

Enrollment: 1,248

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: pine Bluff High School

Pine Bluff High institution is Arkansas’ winningest high institution football program.

During the 2018 season, pine Bluff High surpassed main High institution (Little Rock) as Arkansas’ winningest high institution football routine ever. Both schools have won two national championships, but Pine Bluff High collection many records nearly 100 years back that still stand today.

In 1925, the school won its very first national championship v a tho unsurpassed 16-0 record. It also collection the state record in total yards acquired in a season and also averaged a staggering 505 rushing yards per game.

Pine Bluff High has actually won another 19 state championships since then and also sent plenty of players into the NFL, consisting of Hall that Famers Don Hutson and Willie Roaf.

California: De La Salle High School

De La Salle winner 151 games from 1992 come 2004.

City: Concord

Year opened: 1965

Type that school: Private

De La Salle High college Facts

De La Salle has actually one the the best high school football program in the nation.

Tuition: $18,550

Enrollment: 1,039

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: De La Salle High School

De La Salle High School has been the topic of 2 books and also one movie.

The truth that a high institution team has been the subject of 2 books and one movie tells you just exactly how impressive De La Salle’s football routine is.

From 1992 come 2004, the school won a record 151 right football games and also claimed seven national championships. Throughout that stretch, they likewise played in what’s considered the first-ever nationwide championship high institution football game and defeated lengthy Beach Poly in a nationally broadcast game.

De La Salle has come to be such a powerhouse that the school has actually received broadcast opportunities that would make some college groups envious. In 2018, the college partnered through CBS sporting activities Digital to have actually its whole football schedule streamed on

Colorado: Cherry Creek High School

Cherry Creek has done a the majority of celebrating on the tennis court.

City: Greenwood Village

Year opened: 1965

Type of school: Public

Cherry Creek High college Facts

Cherry Creek has won a the majority of state title in tennis.

Enrollment: 3,573

Best sport: Tennis

Bottom Line: Cherry Creek High School

Cherry Creek is leading in both boys and also girls tennis.

Located just external of Denver, Cherry Creek to work Broncos legend man Elway in 2007 together the soccer team’s quarterbacks coach when his kid was under center. But while the soccer team has asserted nine state titles, the pales in comparison to the school’s tennis regimen for both boys and also girls.

The boys" tennis team winner 316 continuous matches from 1972 come 2000, a national record because that the sport. End a 44-year stretch, the boys’ tennis team won 41 state title while the girls’ tennis team asserted 30 state titles end a 37-year stretch.

Connecticut: Glastonbury High School

The Glastonbury soccer team to be Connecticut course LL state champions in 2018.

City: Glastonbury

Year opened: 1953

Type of school: Public

Glastonbury High school Facts

A Glastonbury girl's football player.

Enrollment: 1,991

Best sport: Soccer

Bottom Line: Glastonbury High School

Glastonbury High's new soccer field price $1.6 million in 2017.

Located in Hartford County, Glastonbury calls chin "a proud football town," and also the sports is the heartbeat the the city. The city put its money whereby its mouth is. In 2017, they built a new $1.6 million artificial turf field to home Glastonbury High School’s football teams.

The school’s teams are the main occupants, yet the field additionally hosts various youth soccer clubs and organizations. Glastonbury High’s soccer groups were successful prior to the brand-new field, winning 14 state titles in between the boys and also girls teams, and they space sure to continue to be successful ~ the brand-new turf fields.

Delaware: Newark High School

A Newark soccer player.

City: Newark

Year opened: 1893

Type of school: Public

Newark High institution facts

Newark has some large football players.

Enrollment: 1,150

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Newark High School

Newark High's soccer program has placed six players in the NFL.

With 39 state championships end 10 various sports, Newark High is the cream the the high school crop of "The an initial State."

Football leader the method for Newark, to win 10 state championships in the sport, the most of any type of Delaware high school.

Newark has sent 6 players come the NFL, and the sheer size of this future advantages made college of Delaware room of reputation coach Tubby Raymond say, "I’m feather at your linemen, and they’re bigger 보다 mine."

Florida: The Bolles School

The Bolles girls' swim team is provided to finishing No. 1.

City: Jacksonville

Year opened: 1933

Type the school: Private

The Bolles college Facts

The Bolles institution isn't cheap.

Tuition: $55,630 (boarding), $27,240 (day)

Enrollment: 1,800 (pre-K-12)

Best sport: Swimming

Bottom Line: The Bolles School

The Bolles has 11 state titles in football.

Whenever you litter "the" in former of your institution name à la The Ohio State University, you much better have the accolades to earlier it up, and The Bolles school does. Bolles" strong programs are so prestigious the their 11 football state championships don’t even get optimal billing.

That’s due to the fact that Bolles’ swimming program deserve to stand toe-to-toe with any type of other high institution sports regimen in the country. The boys’ swim team has won 40 state championships, consisting of 31 straight from 1988 to 2018, when the girls’ team has won 32 state titles, consisting of 28 right from 1992 come 2018.

The two teams likewise have combined for 17 national championships in swimming, and also Bolles has had actually at the very least one college student or alumni swimmer compete in every summer Olympics due to the fact that 1972.

Georgia: Parkview High School

A scoreboard touts the accomplishments of the Parkview High school baseball team.

City: Lilburn

Year opened: 1976

Type the school: Public

Parkview High school Facts

Parkview has actually won three nationwide championships.

Enrollment: 2,984

Best sport: Baseball

Bottom Line: Parkview High School

Parkview High School's Isiah Gilliam stood for the college on the nationwide stage prior to being drafted by the new York Yankees.

Just outside of Atlanta, Parkview is one of the newest schools on this list, opening in 1976. However, over that time, Parkview has racked increase 57 state championships with 7 coming in baseball. The baseball team also claims three nationwide championships with every one of those coming in the 2010s decade.

Parkview also has had actually success in various other sports as its 1997 state championship football team appeared on regional Cheerios boxes.

Additionally, Parkview has won 16 state title in soccer (seven in boys, nine in girls) and also the boys’ team had actually a 57-game unbeaten streak in the 1990s.

Hawaii: Punahou School

A Punahou girls' basketball player cd driver to the basket during a game.

City: Honolulu

Year opened: 1841

Type that school: Private

Punahou college Facts

Punahou is the alma mater of Barack Obama, center.

Tuition: $24,780

Enrollment: 3,750 (K-12)

Best sport: Basketball

Bottom Line: Punahou School

Punahou School's most renowned alum was a basketball player. He's not in this picture.

Punahou institution is finest known because that being the alma mater of Barack Obama, and also the former president winner a basketball state location in 1979. That is one of the practically 499 state championships the school has actually won, which the school claims it is the most of any kind of high school in the nation.

Student-athletes in Hawaii recognize they require to discover a means to end up at Punahou if they want to be part of a top-notch athletics program.

For the 2016-17 scholastic year, the institution finished 2nd in the national MaxPreps Cup standings. The standings are figured out by state titles and also runner-up finishes, and Punahou finished in the height two in 17 of your 30 groups for the year.

Idaho: Boise High School

A Boise Braves football player celebrate a successful play.

City: Boise

Year opened: 1902

Type of school: Public

Boise High institution Facts

Boise High college in action.

Enrollment: 1,546

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Boise High School

Boise High School has won state titles in 15 the the 17 sporting activities they compete in.

A three-year high college (grades 10-12), Boise High has 17 sanctioned sports and also has winner state title in 15 of them.

The football team supplied to beat on the famous blue "Smurf Turf" top top Boise State’s campus and would lure upward of 30,000 fans.

With Idaho neighboring Oregon, who unofficial state sport is running, track and field to add cross nation are both renowned at Boise High. The boys" and also girls’ groups for both sporting activities have merged to victory 22 state titles, consisting of eight due to the fact that 2000.

Illinois: mount Carmel High School

Mount Carmel, in brown uniform, has actually scored a the majority of touchdowns over the years.

City: Chicago

Year opened: 1900

Type of school: Private

Mount Carmel High college Facts

A Mt. Carmel defender brings down an opponent.

Tuition: $12,200

Enrollment: 850

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: mountain Carmel High School

Mount Carmel High institution is most well-known for its football program but has been leading in sports throughout the board.

It’s hard to pick just one standout routine from mount Carmel due to the fact that it"s had unprecedented success in lot of sports.

The soccer team has actually won 12 state championships and also sent together players as Donovan McNabb and Simeon Rice come the NFL. The hockey team won 5 state titles and sent chris Chelios come the Hockey hall of Fame. The baseball and basketball teams each winner a championship and also produced Denny McLain and Antoine Walker, respectively.

Overall, the alumni from mount Carmel have actually won sporting activities championships in every one of the significant sports (Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, civilization Series, NBA championship). Not also shabby.

Indiana: Pike High School

Pike is a perennial power on the basketball court.

City: Indianapolis

Year opened: 1892

Type the school: Public

Pike High school Facts

A Pike player battles for the ball.

Enrollment: 3,306

Best sport: Basketball

Bottom Line: PIke High School

Pike High School has actually one that Indiana's storied basketball programs.

Dr. James Naismith, who created the game of basketball, said that Indiana is whereby high institution basketball was born. Thus, that comes together no surprised that basketball programs conquer the athletic landscape transparent the state.

One that those programs resides at Pike High School, which has actually sent many players come the NBA and produced 2 winners of "Indiana Mr. Basketball."

Pike basketball’s most recent state title came in 2003, once it perfect 29-0 and second in the nationwide rankings, trailing only St. Vincent-St. Mar of Ohio, which had one LeBron James.

Iowa: Washington High School

The women's swimming and also diving team in ~ Washington High School has a long background of excellence.

City: Cedar Rapids

Year opened: 1956

Type that school: Public

Washington High college Facts

The Washington swim team it s okay a picture.

Enrollment: 1,333

Best sports: Swimming and also diving

Bottom Line: Washington High School

Washington High's swimming groups are among the most leading programs in the state in any sport.

Best well-known for gift Ashton Kutcher’s high school, Washington High’s second billing goes to their leading swimming and also diving teams.

The school has won 27 state championships, with every one of them coming since 1961. This success has a stretch the 11 directly titles and also two various other streaks of in ~ least 4 straight championship wins.

It’s not choose it’s been every or nothing when it involves the swimming and also diving teams, either. They’ve finished runner-up another 10 time in program history.

Kansas: Lawrence High School

The Lawrence basketball team.

City: Lawrence

Year opened: 1857

Type the school: Public

Lawrence High institution Facts

The Lawrence soccer team has actually won a lot of state titles.

Enrollment: 1,609

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Lawrence High School

Lawrence High dominated the state the Kansas in football till its college student body was split into 2 high schools.

Located in the shadow of the college of Kansas, the Lawrence High Chesty Lions have actually won virtually as countless state championships as KU has actually conference championships. While basketball is king around this part of town, hoops take away a earlier seat to two other noteworthy Lawrence High teams.

Lawrence High dominated boys gymnastics prior to the sports was cut from Kansas high schools. Lawrence won 21 state titles in the sport between 1960 and also 1988, however that complete is no match for the soccer team, which has actually won 27 state titles.

Maybe even an ext impressive 보다 that number is the fact that the school has posted 31 undefeated seasons, a nationwide record, according to the national Federation that State High institution Associations record book.

Kentucky: St. Xavier High School

St. Xavier's is the oldest all-boys institution in Kentucky.

City: Louisville

Year opened: 1864

Type that school: Private

St. Xavier High school Facts

St. Xavier was started in 1864.

Tuition: $14,325

Enrollment: 1,334

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: St. Xavier High School

St. Xavier High institution fans are used to seeing photos like this.

Founded in 1864, St. Xavier is the oldest all-boys high college in Kentucky, and all of that history has lent itself to plenty of championships — 180 of lock to it is in exact. In fact, the school has actually won at the very least three state titles in every sports offered.

St. Xavier"s swimming and also diving team has actually racked increase 54 titles, however the St. Xavier many tigers football team gets the most recognition. That’s due to the fact that they play in what’s called "the most attended regular-season high institution football video game in the country."

St. Xavier and also its rival, Trinity High, routinely have virtually 40,000 fans in attendance at the university of Louisville"s Cardinal stadium to watch their yearly matchup. The crowd is just a few thousand short of what Louisville soccer averages because that its home attendance.

Louisiana: Jesuit High School

Jesuit has won numerous state championships in Louisiana.

City: New Orleans

Year opened: 1849

Type of school: Private

Jesuit High institution Facts

A Jesuit pitcher during a game.

Tuition: $9,150

Enrollment: 1,372

Best sport: Baseball

Bottom Line: Jesuit High School

Jesuit High school won its an initial baseball state location in 1946.

Founded in 1847, Jesuit High institution made its note in Louisiana high institution sports background 99 year later. In 1946, the Jesuit Blue Jays had four teams the won the state championship and went undefeated in their particular sports.

One of those sporting activities was baseball, and the diamond is where Jesuit has had actually its many success. The school has actually won 24 baseball state championships, 11 much more than any type of other high school in Louisiana.

Additionally, Jesuit has participated in American Legion Baseball a number of times and also won an additional eight American league Baseball state championships.

Maine: Waynflete School

Women's lacrosse players at Waynflete.

City: Portland

Year opened: 1897

Type that school: Private

Waynflete school Facts

Waynflete School has won more than 10 state championships in girls' lacrosse.

Tuition: $32,820

Enrollment: 584 (pre-K-12)

Best sport: Lacrosse

Bottom Line: Waynflete School

Girls lacrosse sits at the optimal of the sporting activities pyramid because that Waynflete School.

According come Sports service Daily, lacrosse is the fastest-growing sport in America, yet it’s been approximately for years in the Northeast. You can’t get an ext northeast in the United says than Maine, and high schools in the state have competed in the sports for end 20 years.

Since Maine’s governing body because that high school sports began sponsoring lacrosse in 1998, Waynflete School has actually won 11 state championships in girls" lacrosse — even though just 245 students make up the whole high school part of the school, and fifty percent of those are boys.

Speaking of the boys, their lacrosse team additionally started contending in 1998 and won its an initial state title in 2018.

Maryland: Gilman School

Gilman has a solid lacrosse program.

City: Baltimore

Year opened: 1897

Type of school: Private

Gilman school Facts

Gilman has been win lacrosse games for a lengthy time.

Tuition: $30,550

Enrollment: 1,015

Best sport: Lacrosse

Bottom Line: Gilman School

Gilman School's lacrosse uniforms are just beautiful.

Located just three miles from lacrosse powerhouse Johns Hopkins University, Gilman institution is make the efforts to end up being the high school version that JHU.

Gilman"s call lacrosse program has reached the No. 1 national ranking in lot of years. The Gilman Greyhounds have won 11 lacrosse state championships in addition to numerous MIAA conference titles.

Gilman also has competent success in a number of other sports, win at the very least 10 state title in basketball, football, tennis and wrestling.

Massachusetts: Cushing Academy

Cushing Academy is a hockey powerhouse.

City: Ashburnham

Year opened: 1865

Type of school: Private

Cushing Academy Facts

Cushing has actually a tradition of excellence top top the ice.

Tuition: $61,500 (boarding), $41,800 (day)

Enrollment: 390

Best sport: Hockey

Bottom Line: Cushing Academy

Cushing Academy's hockey team consistently pumps out agree hockey talent.

With a tuition for boarding students the exceeds $60,000, Cushing is among the many expensive schools in the country. Their students are gave with world-class facilities, including a hockey rink that NHL football player used during the lockout.

Cushing Academy’s boys" hockey team has produced dozens of experienced players, won three state championships and 21 in-season tournaments.

Hall that Famer ray Bourque was so impressed with the school and the hockey team that he offered as a volunteer coach for the formation after hanging increase his skates.

Michigan: Muskegon High School

The Muskegon football team won the state championship in 2017.

City: Muskegon

Year opened: 1872

Type that school: Public

Muskegon High college Facts

Muskegon has the most successful high institution football regime in Michigan.

Enrollment: 975

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Muskegon High School

The Muskegon High huge Reds has actually a quite stadium.

Located a stone’s litter from Lake Michigan, Muskegon High School has actually the many successful high school football program in the state.

The school leads Michigan v 18 state titles, and also four that those have come since 2004. Yet Muskegon’s accomplishments also match up with any kind of high school throughout the country, as its 846 all-time wins space tied for the seventh most of any high school.

The school’s most notable alum is previous NFL quarterback Earl Morrall, who was MVP that the league in 1968 and won 3 Super Bowls in his career.

Minnesota: Cretin-Derham hall High School

The Cretin-Durham hall baseball program has a heritage of success.

City: Saint Paul

Year opened: 1871

Type the school: Private

Cretin-Derham hall High college Facts

Cretin-Derham has won a most state titles in basic baseball.

Tuition: $13,575

Enrollment: 1,030

Best sport: Baseball

Bottom Line: Cretin-Derham hall High School

Hockey is the most well-known sport in Minnesota. Cretin-Derham hall High restrict in that, too.

Minnesota nicknames chin "The State that Hockey," however the ice cream takes a backseat come the diamond in ~ Cretin-Derham Hall. Eleven the the school’s 24 state championships have come in baseball, and also two all-time greats space proud to CDH alums.

Paul Molitor and Joe Mauer both graduated from Cretin-Derham and, coincidentally, invested at least component of their major league careers v the hometown Twins.

The CDH Raiders won 2 state title in baseball throughout Mauer’s time there, and also the future American league MVP to win out just once during his four-year high school career.

Mississippi: Jackson Academy

The Jackson Academy girls' basketball team in action.

City: Jackson

Year opened: 1959

Type that school: Private

Jackson Academy Facts

Jackson Academy players acquire ready to ball.

Tuition: $15,900

Enrollment: 1,250 (K-12)

Best sport: Basketball

Bottom Line: Jackson Academy

Jan Sojourner is Jackson Academy's legendary girls basketball coach.

As the largest independent college in Mississippi, Jackson Academy has actually a most student-athletes. But what makes its girls’ basketball program so one-of-a-kind is head coach january Sojourner.

Sojourner has actually spent over 30 year leading the program and also has racked up ripe state championships during her time.

Her teams have posted a winning record in all yet one of her years there, and she’s been called the Clarion-Ledger State Coach that the Year twice.

Missouri: Christian Brothers university High School

The CBH hockey team winner the Missouri state location in 2017.

City: St. Louis

Year opened: 1850

Type of school: Private

Christian Brothers university High college Facts

Christian Brothers produce some good hockey players.

Tuition: $14,700

Enrollment: 840

Best sport: Hockey

Bottom Line: Christian Brothers university High School

Christan Brothers university High School have the right to probably to win your institution in almost every sport.

When friend think of St. Louis, baseball generally is the an initial sport that involves mind. Christian Brothers college High does have actually a successful regimen on the diamond — winning 2 state title — however that pales in comparison to its hockey program.

The CBC ice cream hockey team has 16 state titles, consisting of 12 due to the fact that 2000. It has two different three-peats over that stretch and a four-peat from 2014 to 2017.

The school additionally has sent out two football player to the NHL, Philip McRae and also Joe Vitale, and both players have gone on come play or work for the hometown St. Luigi Blues.

Montana: Butte High School

The Butte football team, in purple, during a game.

City: Butte

Year opened: 1896

Type of school: Public

Butte High college Facts

A Butte football player.

Enrollment: 1,199

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Butte High School

Butte High has actually won 26 state titles in football.

Montana fields an ext six-man football groups than any kind of other state besides Texas, yet the typical 11-man selection earns Butte High its point out on this list.

The Butte Bulldogs have won 26 state titles in football, the most of any kind of high college in the state. Most of those championships came before World battle II, but Butte High likewise has had a sustained level of supremacy by winning at the very least one championship in 10 various decades.

Nebraska: Creighton Prep

Winning state title is a typical occurrence for the Creighton prep swim team.

City: Omaha

Year opened: 1878

Type of school: Private

Creighton prepare Facts

Creighton prep dominates in the pool.

Tuition: $10,580

Enrollment: 1,020

Best sport: Swimming

Bottom Line: Creighton Prep

Creighton prep won three consecutive state titles in baseball native 2016 to 2018.

To sporting activities fans, Omaha is finest known for hosting the university World collection and the USA swimming Olympic trials. For this reason baseball and swimming room two the the most popular and prestigious sporting activities programs at Creighton Prep.

The baseball team has actually won 15 state championships, consisting of a three-peat indigenous 2016 come 2018.

The swim team has actually done even much better with 27 state titles, consisting of a Michael Phelps-like 12 directly from 2007 to 2018.

Overall, Creighton Prep has actually won 143 state championships across all sports since opening in 1878.

Nevada: Bishop Gorman

Bishop Gorman has actually one of the best high school football programs in the country.

City: Las Vegas

Year opened: 1954

Type of school: Private

Bishop Gorman Facts

Bishop Gorman football football player are tough to stop.

Tuition: $14,000

Enrollment: 1,500

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Bishop Gorman

Bishop Gorman quarterback Tate Martell was among the most highly recruited football player in the country in 2017.

Who claims you have to be 21 to have actually fun in las Vegas? The high school children at Bishop Gorman have had lots of fun over the years thanks to the powerhouse athletic program constructed there.

In 2009, Bishop Gorman became the very first Nevada college in end 40 years to victory state championships in football, basketball and also baseball in the exact same year. They have since achieved that feat two much more times.

The cornerstone that its athletics program is the football team, i beg your pardon won three straight nationwide championships indigenous 2014 to 2016. The success of the football team resulted in a rarity in sports as that coach, Tony Sanchez, supplied the success at Gorman come land a head coaching job at UNLV in 2015.

Sanchez became just the fourth-ever high institution coach to be hired as the head coach of an FBS school.

New Hampshire: Phillips Exeter Academy

A water polo player at Exeter.

City: Exeter

Year opened: 1781

Type the school: Private

Tuition: $55,402 (boarding), $43,272 (day)

Enrollment: 1,079

Best sports: Water polo and swimming

Phillips Exeter Academy Facts

Exeter guys water polo football player training.

Tuition: $55,402 (boarding), $43,272 (day)

Enrollment: 1,079

Best sports: Water polo and swimming

Bottom Line: Phillips Exeter Academy

Exeter Academy's list of remarkable alumni is long sufficient it has its own, separate Wikipedia page.

Phillips Exeter Academy has actually a heritage of to win in the water. The boys’ water polo team has won 22 new England prep institution championships while the boys’ swimming team at one point went to 17 directly championships, winning 15 of them.

Exeter put a solid emphasis on its water sports, and that’s evident by the school having actually two Olympic-sized swimming pools ~ above campus.

Additionally, Phillips is among the couple of high institutions in the nation with a cutting edge sports science lab that rivals many department I college programs.

New Jersey: Don Bosco Prep

The Don Bosco prepare football in 2018.

City: Ramsey

Year opened: 1915

Type the school: Private

Don Bosco prep Facts

Don Bosco prepare is a perennial strength in football.

Tuition: $16,935

Enrollment: 850

Best sport: Football

Bottom Line: Don Bosco Prep

Don Bosco Prep has won two nationwide titles in football.

Football is the sports that strength Don Bosco’s athletics program. With four energetic NFL players, Bosco’s NFL alumni rival those of plenty of collegiate programs.

The Bosco Ironmen have actually won 15 state championships and are the only new Jersey high college to win the nationwide championship in football, and also they’ve excellent it twice.

Bosco was among the an initial high institution programs to play a national schedule, and they traveled everywhere from California to Alabama come Florida and more to translate into a 26-8 out-of-state record.

New Mexico: La Cueva High School

La Cueva, left, has an excellent soccer program.

City: Albuquerque

Year opened: 1986

Type the school: Public

La Cueva High college Facts

La Cueva's girls soccer team has actually won a lot of of huge games.

Enrollment: 1,784

Best sports: Soccer, tennis and baseball

Bottom Line: La Cueva High School

La Cueva High's baseball team set a national record by to win 79 straight games.

Some colleges on this list have actually been around for over 100 years, but La Cueva is just a millennial — it opened up in 1986.

Still, though, over that span, the school has won 116 state championships, which is already the second-most in new Mexico high college history.

La Cueva is a college of streaks as the boys’ tennis team winner nine directly state titles, the girls’ soccer team won seven straight state titles and the baseball team set a nationwide record by to win 70 straight games.

New York: Archbishop Molloy

Archbishop Molloy has created seven NBA players.

City: New York City

Year opened: 1957

Type the school: Private

Archbishop Molloy Facts

Dunk you really much.

Tuition: $9,200

Enrollment: 1,490

Best sport: Basketball

Bottom Line: Archbishop Molloy

Former Archbishop Molloy allude guard Cole Anthony is a projected lottery choose in the 2020 NBA draft.

Located in Queens, Archbishop Molloy’s athletics programs begin and end with one name: Jack Curran. The new York City aboriginal was the longtime coach because that both the basketball and baseball teams, and he won more games as a coach than any type of other high school coach in the united States.

Curran, that coached in ~ the institution for 55 years (from 1958 until his fatality in 2013), is the only person to be named national coach that the year in two various sports and was named regional coach the the year one astounding 47 times total.

He to be equally adept together a coach in both sports, sending six players to the NBA and also coaching Molloy’s baseball team come a 68-game success streak, the longest of every time, until La Cueva broke it.

North Carolina: Shelby High School

Shelby has actually a to win basketball program.

City: Shelby

Year opened: 1877

Type of school: Public

Shelby High school Facts

Shelby has actually a standout football program.

Enrollment: 849

Best sports: Football and basketball

Bottom Line: Shelby High School

Shelby High School is one of just 22 high institution football programs with 800 wins.

North Carolina is recognized as a hotbed for amateur basketball, indigenous UNC and Duke every the way down to the high school level. But the reputation of the state’s high institution football programs shouldn’t it is in overlooked, and one that the most prominent football teams in the nation resides just outside of Charlotte.

Shelby High School is among 22 high colleges in the country that have actually won at least 800 games. The school ranked 12th all-time in wins beginning the 2020 season, with 826 victories.

The school additionally has won 17 state championships, consisting of seven due to the fact that 2005.

North Dakota: Red river High School

Red river has solid tennis football player year after year.

City: Grand Forks

Year opened: 1967

Type of school: Public

Red flow High institution Facts

All the Red river girls tennis team go is victory matches.

Enrollment: 1,121

Best sport: Tennis

Bottom Line: Red river High School

Red flow High School has actually swept the boys and also girls tennis state title 17 times.

Since Red flow High college was created in 1967, they have pretty much had actually a stranglehold on tennis for both boys and girls.

Over the last 50 years, Red river High has won 49 full state title in tennis when all other high colleges have an unified to win 51 titles.

The boys’ team has declared 27 championships if the girls have won 22 championships. The 2 teams have actually swept the state titles 17 times, including winning 13 straight from 2002-14.

Ohio: Archbishop Moeller High School

The Archbishop Moeller football team in 2015.

City: Cincinnati

Year opened: 1960

Type the school: Private

Archbishop Moeller High school Facts

Moeller has actually one the the best high college sports program in America.

Tuition: $13,850

Enrollment: 880

Best sports: Football and baseball

Bottom Line: Archbishop Moeller High School

Baseball hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. Play at Archbishop Moeller.

Pick out the standout sports for many schools is easy. But that’s no the instance with Archbishop Moeller as result of its success in both football and baseball.

The gridiron gang has racked up ripe state titles and five national championships that come in the 1970s and 1980s. Only three various other high school in the nation have claimed an ext national titles in football than Moeller’s five.

The baseball team is one behind the soccer team in state titles with eight, and the alumni come come from the diamond are unrivaled. Barry Larkin is a local product that went native Moeller to the Reds come the hall of Fame. However he"s not even the ideal player native the school. Ken Griffey Jr. Flourished Larkin at Moeller and was called the high institution baseball player that the year in 1987.

Oklahoma: Broken arrow High School

Broken arrowhead has gathered a many wins in wrestling.

City: Broken Arrow

Year opened: 1904

Type that school: Public

Broken arrow High school Facts

Broken arrowhead has an excellent wrestling teams every season.

Enrollment: 3,853

Best sport: Wrestling

Bottom Line: Broken arrow High School

Broken arrow High's wrestling framework are far better than most division I colleges.

Oklahoma State restrict the amateur wrestles scene and has winner 34 NCAA championships, for this reason it"s no surprised that damaged Arrow, around an hour’s drive from OSU, dominates the high school wrestling scene.

Broken arrowhead High School has won 16 team state championships and 61 individual state championships in high college wrestling.

All the the other boys’ sports at the school have an unified for simply 11 state titles since Broken arrowhead devotes many of its resources to the wrestles team. Its exercise facility has much more than 9,000 square feet of rings mats, rivaling the of penn State, which has won eight NCAA wrestling championships.

Oregon: central Catholic High School

Central Catholic has won plenty of races in that history.

City: Portland

Year opened: 1939

Type of school: Private

Central Catholic High school Facts

Central Catholic has actually a strong girls cross-country team.

Tuition: $18,200

Enrollment: 921

Best sport: overcome country

Bottom Line: central Catholic High School

The debate around the best long-distance jogger in Oregon history comes under to Galen Rupp and Steve Prefontaine.

Running is the unofficial state sport of Oregon, through its distinguished background in track and also field, and Nike headquartered in Beaverton. In recent years, central Catholic has surged come the peak of the list as soon as it concerns cross-country programs, and also two-time Olympic medalist Galen Rupp deserves lot of the credit.

Rupp helped central Catholic success its very first ever cross-country state championship in 2003, and the school has won nine much more since then.

While in high school, Rupp broke the U.S. High school record for the 3000 meters race, and main Catholic benefitted from the enhanced exposure. Due to the fact that 2003, the school has won as numerous cross-country state titles (10) as it has won in every various other sport combined.

Pennsylvania: St. Joseph’s Preparatory School

St. Joseph's prep rowers.

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City: Philadelphia

Year opened: 1851

Type that school: Private

St. Joseph’s Preparatory college Facts

Crew is a year-round sport at St. Joseph's.

Tuition: $23,900