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I have removed mine 350 Mercruiser/ GM 350 block because that a rebuild and also I have to put the heads back on. This is not the very first time I have done this, but I can"t remeber whereby I discovered the torque/tightening pattern for the head bolts. Any kind of help???
I"m sure that there is someone below who knows the answer yet there are numerous sites that specialize in the naval engine area. Shot and/or There are a lot of knowledgeable persons on both sites. Good luck Granpa
13 - 5 - 2 - 1017 - 9 - 1 - 6 - 1416 - 12 - 8 - 4 - 3 - 7 - 11 - 15Tighten "em in 3 increments: 20 lb, 40 lb and finish at 65 ft lb.If your utilizing the ribbed stainless gaskets, placed a slim layer of Quicksilver perfect seal to both sides of the gaskets. THIN!Don"t usage sealer top top graphite composition gaskets.Jimmy
Always torque center outworking towards both ends equally. 3 Setp works well, 2 step has never failed me - 40 - 65. Never try to speak in 1 step.

Thanks everybody, ~ searching and also getting her replys, i went to start the job and also found a card in package of new head bolts through all the details on it. Ns guess that would be to obviously come look over there first.Thanks
Throw out those stink"n directions -- REEL guys don"t need"em.. BTW really wise of you to use new bolts -- an excellent luck with your prroject.

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