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Former new York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has always been contrasted to his older brothers Peyton, a 14-time pro Bowler and five-time NFL MVP.

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The siblings room close however did have actually an recurring rivalry from early in their careers. Lock would confront one an additional three times during their concurrent time in the NFL, with Peyton’s team gaining the ideal of Eli and also the Giants in all three games.

In an interview on Mike Tirico’s podcast this week, Eli looked back on the first meeting in between the brothers, which took location at Giants stadion on Sunday Night soccer in main 1 that the 2006 season. Indianapolis aced the Giants, 26-21.

“Peyton, obviously, had actually proved himself, he already had one MVP, he had been a starter for a long time, one of the finest players in ~ the time, and I’m just trying to acquire a feel for how to get back to the playoffs and winning games and also getting points organized,” Eli said. “I was still a young player in ~ the time, for this reason this to be a great an obstacle for the Giants to be going against a team that was constantly in the playoffs. That’s the method we looked at it.”

Asked who would reap showing that games to your kinds the most, Eli had actually no doubt the winner would certainly revel in the spoils.

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“I think Peyton would reap it better than ns would,” Eli replied. “But ns think I might because you remember the game…but you can’t remember the entirety outcome. My oldest is nine, she remembers see Peyton play, she remembers seeing me play, however never united state playing versus each other. Ns think she would gain watching that.”

The Mannings would play versus each other simply two an ext times in their lengthy careers — a 38-14 Colts victory in 2010 and a 41-23 loss to Denver in 2013 after Peyton became a member the the Broncos.


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