In enhancement to she gymnastics training, she works nights and weekends at The Pizza Shack to help support her household financially. Emily later on quits gymnastics as she decides to store the baby and go to ras Vegas to live with her godmother.

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Why did Emily leave on do it or rest it?

(In an especially ironic twist, Chelsea Hobbs, that played Emily and who was 24 at the time the display premiered, obtained pregnant during filming—a particular challenge for a show that emphasizes that is cast’s bodies, and also that brought about her, as a result, to leave do It or break It after ~ the second season.)Jul 11, 2016

What occurred to Emily and Damon in do it or rest it?

Damon eventually takes Emily’s virginity. In the meantime, Damon works on his music with Kaylie Cruz and also they end up kissing in the recording booth (“Requiem for a Dream”). He later on finds the end that Emily quits gymnastics to be v him if he functions on his music. Lock later gain married and live a happy life.

Does Maeve dice in do it or rest it?

Only ~ she starts having some physics appeal does Max take an alert of her. Payson doesn’t care yet Lauren is furious. Kaylie choose up the phone to call Maeve after a fight with her parents and also a woman on the other end informs her that Maeve passed away of heart failure in the airport.

Do Damon and also Emily have actually babies?

Damon and Emily end up having sex one night, pledging their love because that one another. However, Emily soon finds the end that she is pregnant v Damon’s baby. Damon tells Kaylie that he loves Emily and also will be there for her and for their baby no issue what, if still pursuing his dream.

Why did Marty leaving the rock?

Marty Walsh (played by Erik Palladino) is the previous coach the The Rock and a three-time Olympic yellow medalist. He pipeline the society after Steve Tanner blackmails him through information about his affair v Ronnie Cruz.

Does summer finish up through Sasha?

During Season 2, Summer beginning a connection with rock coach Sasha Belov. But in the last illustration of Season 2, once Summer kisses Sasha, he stops she from going as well far and says that he didn’t want to affect her values and also breaks up through her.

What is Emily’s last illustration on make it or break it?

Requiem because that a Dream Emily Kmetko first appearance: “Pilot” critical appearance: “Requiem because that a Dream” Portrayer: Chelsea Hobbs.

Do we ever see Emily Kmetko again?

The third season offers the writers a opportunity to carry out some tidying up, i beg your pardon fans need to appreciate. I should stress that the network hasn’t officially announced there will be no Emily in the 3rd (and may be final) season.

Who does Lauren finish up through in make it or break it?

Lauren and also Carter come to be close ~ he moves in, and also he realizes that she is the one who has actually been there for him. They at some point get together, and are in a relationship. Carter division up v her after she steals Emily’s floor routine, informing her the he could never love someone that hurts people so deliberately.

Do Emily and also razor get together?

Razor is Emily’s co-worker in ~ The Pizza Shack, and he likes Emily. He speak Damon, his band mate and also friend, to watch end Emily while that is gone on his tour and also to not get together with her. When away, he sends out Emily a postcard telling her he misses her. Damon and also Emily, however, do finish up acquiring together.

Why is Emily’s brother in a wheelchair?

Brian Kmetko (played by Wyatt Smith) is Emily’s younger brother, and one of her best supporters. He provides a wheelchair and also has a seizure disorder because that which that takes medication.

Do Kaylie and Austin continue to be together?

Season 3. In the start of season 3, Austin and Kaylie are still dating. Austin assures Mr. Cruz that he will certainly take care of his girl while she is in maintain camp v him.

Does Wendy get captured for drugging Kaylie?

When Kaylie collapses during Worlds, Austin records her when she drops from the beam and also is viewed holding she hand in the hospital. Austin additionally hit Damon, Emily’s boyfriend. After ~ an investigation by Lauren, that is discovered the Wendy had actually been drugging Kaylie to gain her thrown the end of Trials.

What is wrong v Lauren Tanner?

Dr. Lim explains that Lauren’s condition is very serious and also quite rare, request open-heart surgery. Lauren asks if there is any means she will be able to get ago to training, and also Coach Mac says that she will certainly not have the ability to keep training because that the 2012 Olympics. Dr.

What illustration does Emily call Damon she is pregnant?

“Make that or break It” Requiem because that a Dream (TV episode 2011) – IMDb.

Do Payson and Max gain together?

In the season 2 finale Max tells Payson that loves her and then is around to tell her he’s bi. Payson interrupts him an initial and speak him every little thing he will say doesn’t matter. In the season 3 premiere Max and also Payson are still dating.

Does Emily lose her scholarship do it or rest it?

After the is discovered that she has actually a task she loses she scholarship, but is later informed that a private sports endowment team is walking to money her to proceed training at the Rock. She also finds the end that the is Steve Tanner that is payment for her scholarship ~ Lauren mirrors her the papers and check copies.

Who does Kaylie Cruz end up with?

“They were sisters, they were a family. Also when lock hated every other, castle loved each other.” and also though Kaylie didn’t finish up through Carter, actress Loren acquired her happily ever before after — she got engaged two mainly ago! keep your finger crossed for a full actors reunion at she wedding.

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Does Sasha get kicked the end of the rock?

As a result of this incident, Sasha quit coaching, and consequently The absent is his first coaching task in over 5 years. He days Rock manager Summer because that a while, regardless of their different beliefs. He leaves The rock in “At the end of the World” because he feels that his presence is hurting the girls.