In Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, Team Percy is lured into the Lotus Casino and also never desires to leave as result of the impacts of the "drugs" in the lotus flower snacks. Once they finally escape, only a couple of hours seemed to happen for castle when, in fact, it had been 5 days.

In the casino, Percy runs into a dude play a pinball video game who thinks it"s tho 1971. Assuming he to be at the very least 21 yrs old as soon as he gone into the casino in 1971, he would"ve been at least 60 year old in 2010, if no older. However the guy appears to still be in his 20s. Why doesn"t the seem to period or why doesn"t no Percy or Grover present 5 days worth of facial stubble?

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In a word, magic

The Lotus Casino is based upon the Isle the the Lotus-Eaters native the Odyssey. Together such, that main result is to render those who stay there in an changed state that consciousness and unwilling come leave:

Nine totality days i was borne along by rough, deadly winds ~ above the fish-infested sea. Climate on the tenth our squadron reached the land of the Lotus-eaters, human being who eat the lotus, mellow fruit and flower. Us disembarked ~ above the coast, drew water there and crewmen snatched a meal by the swift ships. Once we’d had our fill of food and drink I sent out a information ahead, two picked men and also a third, a runner, come scout the end who can live there—men prefer us perhaps, who live ~ above bread? So off they went and also soon sufficient they mingled among the natives, Lotus-eaters, Lotus-eaters who had actually no concept of killing my companions, no at all, lock simply gave them the lotus to taste rather … any type of crewmen that ate the lotus, the honey-sweet fruit, shed all desire come send a message back, much much less return, their just wish come linger there v the Lotus-eaters, grazing on lotus, all memory of the journey home liquified forever.

The Odyssey

However, the Lotus Casino also has the power to sluggish or arrest the passage of time (or at least its effects), not just its perception, to some extent. The human being who had been there because the 70s didn’t merely look favor he’d just stepped out of the 70s because that comedic effect: he had not aged since he gotten in the building.

“This place is a trap.”

She no respond until I shook her again. “What?”

“Listen. The Underworld. Our quest!”

“Oh, come on, Percy. Simply a couple of more minutes.”

“Annabeth, over there are civilization here native 1977. Kids who have actually never aged. You check in, and you stay forever.”

The Lightning Thief

In fact, a significant plot point in The Titan’s Curse comes to some demigods that were sent to the Lotus Casino, and who had not aged at all since the 30s.

“Bianca,” i said. “That hotel you remained at. To be it possibly dubbed the Lotus Hotel and Casino?” she eyes widened.

“How can you know that?”

“Oh, great,” ns said.

“Wait,” Thalia said. “What is the Lotus Casino?”

“A couple of year ago,” ns said, “Grover, Annabeth, and I acquired trapped there. It’s designed therefore you never want come leave. We remained for around an hour. When we came out, 5 days had passed. It makes time rate up.

The Titan’s Curse

This is every rendered a tiny confusing in the film, since the emphasis shows up to be on the lotus-flower snacks (as in the Odyssey), i beg your pardon are absent from the original book. Nonetheless, it is clear that the strength of the casino to slow the passage of time is still in ~ work.