I apples if this is not the best subusmam.org to post in, I'm fairly brand-new to it . I'm setup a puzzle for my friend and also this is one of the clues.

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How about:

(829 + ei*pi ) / (-132157ei*pi * 1739830627)

So 729 is a element 829 - 1. 7291321571739830627 = 829-1. Ei*pi is -1. Muddle the equation up v some complex forms that 1 and also there girlfriend go. If you desire to do it more complex, replace 829 with (82e)i*x. (http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=(2+π-9+i+(log(2)+log(41)))/(1+log(2)+log(41))). I got this equation by setup 829 = (82e)i*x and solving because that x.

Edit: included explanation

Edit 2: You wanted a complex equation as in complicated form or just a daunting algebra or calculus question. Because if you desire algebra or calculus simply start v 729 = x and perform every little thing operations you want on both sides as long as friend don't rest any an easy rules of math.

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Thank you very very very very very much. I really appreciate it. The downvotes were worth it.

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I choose BosskOnASegway's equation, yet if your friend has any type of math chops, he'll clues ei*pi ideal away, after i m sorry the equation solves yes, really easily.

If you want something a small tougher, how about this. I'll present it by starting with x=729 and working towards a more facility form:

x = 729

Now main point both political parties by -1, leaving the -1s together separate components for clarity

-1 * x = -1 * 729

Take the (principle) square root, instead of √-1 with i. This is fine, since your friend will be working it the various other way. He'll be squaring, i beg your pardon only gives one answer.

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i√x = 27i

Now take it the square root again, however represent x as a power quite than a root:

√i * x1/4 = √27 * √i

Helpfully, √i has actually several different--and non-obvious--ways you can represent it. The straight-up complex number type of (√2 + i√2), and the product 1/2 * (1 + i) * √2. We'll change those right into the vault step:

(√2 + i√2) * x1/4 = √27 * (1/2 * (1 + i) * √2)

Now points are starting to look nice and also ugly. Let's leveling the left side, by dividing both political parties by (√2 + i√2):

x1/4 = (√27 * (1/2 * (1 + i) * √2)) / (√2 + i√2)

You will, the course, be creating that all out in proper portion notation, rather than having to throwing it every onto a heat of text. Finally, take it the 4th power that both sides:

x = ((√27 * (1/2 * (1 + i) * √2)) / (√2 + i√2))4

And there's a lovely mess to solve!

Edit: friend can more obfuscate the molecule of that big portion by helpfully distributing the √27 term right into the (1/2 * (1 + i) * √2) hatchet if you desire to...