The 1941 Lincoln penny could remind you of the contemporary Lincoln penny because the two coins’ design are fairly similar. While the is so, the coin native 1941 is far an ext valuable many thanks to that desirability in the eyes of collectors. Together time move on, this coins will only rise in value in conjunction with their ever-rising scarcity.

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On the obverse the the 1941 Lincoln coin you will see the profile picture of Abraham Lincoln, portrayed in significant detail. Automatically to the left the Lincoln’s picture is a raised inscription which reads “Liberty.” come the appropriate of Lincoln you will notification the raised noting of the 1941 year the minting. Round off out the obverse side is an inscription arching overtop i beg your pardon reads “In God us Trust.”

The coin’s reverse side has actually two engravings in the center, quite than an image. First, there is a raised inscription which reads “United says of America.” Directly over that inscription is another which point out the “One Cent” face value. To both the left and the appropriate of the main inscriptions room two single stalks the wheat. The images of wheat room why this coin is frequently referred to as the “Wheat Penny.” Finally, the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum” is arching overtop that the turning back side.

Grading the 1941 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, having actually the 1941 Lincoln penny is no enough. Collectors effort to obtain only the many well-preserved pieces, and as a an outcome will only want those pennies that have actually been graded through a expert company. Below we will certainly list the various coin grades and a brief description that what that grade actually means.

Uncirculated: A coin the is the Uncirculated great is one that never spent any time trading hands on the open up market. Because they never ever spent any time trading hands, this coins will have actually been perfectly maintained such the their raised imagery and also lettering is tho in good shape.

Extremely Fine: A coin that is established to it is in of extremely Fine great is one that can have a little imperfection or two, but will otherwise be pristine. In most cases, the flaws on this coins are so minor that they are difficult to make out v the nude eye.

Fine: Fine is the grade provided to coins that have actually been circulated and show indicators of wear and also tear. While it will certainly be simple to tell that these coins have been circulated, the damages will no be so significant that the coin’s lettering no one imagery will have actually been worn away.

Good: Good is the grade given to coins that have actually been very worn over the years thanks to consistent exchanging that hands. Despite you will certainly notice far-ranging wear, scratching, and smoothing, these coins will be in decent shape for just how old lock are.

Pricing the 1941 Lincoln Penny

Assigning worth to the 1941 Lincoln penny is other that deserve to be done have to you take into consideration a few different factors. Naturally, the condition the coin is in means a lot. Beyond that, you need to look at its type. Since there were as much as 3 different species of Lincoln pennies created in a offered year, there may be 3 different values for 3 Lincoln pennies of the exact same grade. Listed below is a chart that will assist you recognize the worth of a 1941 Lincoln penny provided its form and grade.

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Lincoln Pennies

1941 Lincoln Penny$0.15$0.20$0.60$1.50
1941 Lincoln penny (D)$0.15$0.20$1$3
1941 Lincoln coin (S)$0.15$0.30$1$3
Source: Red Book

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