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Episode vi Walkthroughs

Jabba"s Palace

"If ns told you half the things I"ve heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you"d probably short circuit." - C-3PO

Characters: Princess Leia (Boushh), Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker (Jedi), C-3PO, R2-D2, Han Solo (Skiff)

True Jedi at 43,000: Not lot to this one. Simply be sure to hit all the torches.

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Story -Palace Entry

You"re beginning outside Jabba"s Palace. Going as much as the gate will certainly release two TT-8L"s that will open up fire on you, for this reason blast them repeatedly. Rally the communication in prior of the gate and also hop increase to expose the 3rd one. As soon as all three room blown, the gate will certainly open. Together you enter, you"ll be set upon by Gamorreans. They save popping out of the feet in the ceiling till you traction the levers come shut them. As soon as both space closed, you have the right to explore an ext freely. The door in ~ the far finish will just open for bounty hunters. Happily, girlfriend can administer such credentials, soon. Head come the left and you"ll uncover a helmet dispenser. Not only will this provide Leia the Boushh helmet and enable her to use green circles, it will certainly also allow her to litter thermal detonators by pressing Z. That"ll be quite useful. As soon as something can be swollen by a thermal detonator, you"ll know since it"ll be a shiny gray and also your shots will rebound turn off it. Anyway, use the environment-friendly circle and move on increase the stairs. At the top, the door will certainly open, and also hey! It"s Luke! nearby the 2 hatches to protect against the Gamorrean flow, then assemble the Bounty Hunter Panel. Have anyone put on a Boushh helmet use it, then move on through the door.

Droid Rescue

In this room, there"s an additional Gamorrean hatch on the left that you have to close quickly. Punch up the contraption ~ above the right, climate assemble it into a platform. Take manage of Leia. Chewie will certainly hop on automatically, so hop ~ above yourself and also Luke will raise friend up. Go left, climate drop right into the surrounding cell and pull both levers to open the door at the far end of the room. With a Boussh hat on indigenous the helmet dispenser, face the glowing bricks blocking the way forward and press Z come toss a detonator top top them. Quickly go come the far finish of the following room and also pull the bar to close another Gamorrean hatch. Blast the 4 supports top top either next of the door top top the best to open up it and also move on. Watch the end for loosened grates in the floor, then move on to the droid workshop. Take the end the Gamorreans. Now, to complimentary your droid pals. Usage the force on the left wall and assemble the resulting pieces to make a box. Now, walk to the an equipment on the right and pull both levers. Assemble both to adjust of piece to make four buttons. These buttons will relocate the box. What you need to do is place the box near the cages wherein Artoo and also Threepio space kept, then usage Luke to run on the box, then dual jump right into the cage which will lower with your an unified weight. Perform so because that both droids, then have actually them open up their respective panels. Continue up the stairs and also open the door in ~ the height to relocate on.


This big room has actually two Gamorrean hatches, but you can"t close among them till you can get into position. Watch the 3 pushable objects in the center? You must line them increase on the appropriate in their holes in ascending order, then usage the pressure on every to make a proper ramp. Once at the top, ruin the containers and assemble a communication which you have the right to use to force into part of a bridge. Use the force on opposing side"s structure to complete the bridge, climate cross and close the hatch. Now, have actually Artoo hover to the left and activate his panel to extend a bridge, then have actually Threepio use his panel next to the door and also leave. Together an addendum, if you wish to obtain the hatches closeup of the door as quickly as possible, you need only move one or two of the ramp pieces into position, together Luke can dual jump his means to the upper hatch if require be.


Head down the stairs and close two hatches as quickly as possible. Beat under all the Gamorreans and also the gate ahead of you will certainly open.

Audience Chamber

Clean increase the Gamorreans and also close the 2 hatches in this room. As soon as they"re every down, you should use the environment-friendly circle next to Han"s carbonite block, therefore go earlier to the previous room to get a helmet. When you"ve used the environment-friendly circle, you can"t walk back, therefore I indicate making sure you have True Jedi, or space at the very least pretty close, before moving on.

Rancor Pit

Okay. You"ve lost Leia, yet gained Han, and also there"s a big ugly rancor in this room prepared to chomp ~ above you. The only has three hearts, yet you can"t hurt the using typical means. The trick is to bring either Threepio over to the hatch on the left or Artoo come the hatch on the right and use the dashboard to open up it, which will drop a Gamorrean. The rancor will go ideal for the tasty bacon, then will certainly walk into a edge to start chowing down. Blow up the container nearest him and he"ll lose a heart. Because that the critical heart, he"ll walk to eat the Gamorrean under the gate. Pull both levers on every side the the gate and also crunch!

Characters: Princess Leia (Boushh), Luke Skywalker (Jedi), Han Solo (Skiff)

Available because that Purchase: Gamorrean Guard, Bib Fortuna, royal residence Guard, Bossk

Free pat -ItemRequiredDescriptionPalace EntryDroid RescueGalleryAudience ChamberRancor Pit
Canister #1Bounty HunterBlow increase the glowing rubble to the left the the gate with a TD, climate grapple up and also hover across.
Canister #2SithUse Sith force on the heap of black color rubble outside, climate grapple to the left a couple of times and also drop down.
Canister #3Free PlayTo the best of the very first green circle door is a passage to a Threepio panel. Behind that is a canister. Friend can additionally get this by gaining close sufficient to hop onto the spider walker behind the bars. To obtain out, just jump in ~ above a 2nd controller, and jump out on the first controller.
Canister #4Free PlayIn the room you discover Luke, use Artoo top top the left door.
Power Brick (Super Zapper)In the room you find Luke, up in the area top top the right. Either double jump off the box up there, or press the box onto the button, i m sorry holds a grapple point visible.
Canister #5ShortieIn the room v the cells, keen through into the ago left one, then through the vent come the front left one. Blast open the grate on the floor inside, then operation through and also saber the blockage under the front right cell to get inside.
Canister #6In the second area, just after utilizing your an initial TD ~ above a large gate. Placed together a generator on your left and blast it to blow up the jail wall.
Canister #7In the workshop room, down-stab into the apparent brick floor, then follow the tunnel.
Canister #8SithThere space two black color torches ~ above the back wall surface in this room. Sith force them, climate the lattice behind to i found it the canister.
Canister #9ImperialIn the room through Han in carbonite, usage the white circle to open the door come this one.
Canister #10In the rancor pit, put together the grapple point, grapple up, then dual jump to with the critical one.
Challenge -Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
#1In the an initial area, to her right.
#2SithUse Sith force on the black color bricks, climate grapple every the method to the left.
#3At the very first green circle, revolve left, then go about the fence come the appropriate to get this one.
#4In the large room with the 2nd green circle, use the pressure on the hatch cover on the best side that the room.
#5ShortieIn the room v the cells, go with the vent in the back-left cell, then break the bed and crawl v the next vent to gain to this one.
#6As you gain to the area through the floor panels that drop away, you"ll see this one.
#7In the droid area, rest the floor panels and go right into the tunnel a quick ways.
#8In the room through the pushable ramps, you"ll find this in the ago right edge on the floor floor.
#9In Jabba"s throne room, ~ above the left side in one alcove.

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#10In the rancor pit in the back-left corner.