How to unlock personalities in Lego take care of Potter?

Complete the complying with tasks at the shown location to unlock the corresponding character for purchase for the specified amount. Unknown – ? Privet drive – ? Head back to our LEGO harry Potter: years 1-4 cheats page for a load more cheats and also tips for LEGO take care of Potter: years 1-4.

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When do you acquire Lucius Malfoy in Lego bother Potter?

Lucius Malfoy in the ‘Follow the Spiders’ level. The is in year 2, previously than Barty Crouch Jr. You’ll have to use Reducto ~ above the chest where you hit Aragog. Well Lucius is the earliest character you get. Execute the reducto glitch and you can gain dark wizards as early on as year 2.

How come play Lego bother Potter years 1-4?

Having claimed that, this game is still really much enjoyable and fun, though caution is needed if you want to acquire everything. This guide is intended to gain you v the game Lego take care of Potter: years 1-4 while getting every one of the characters, extras, and also gold bricks. In the Walkthrough sections, I’ll define how to simply make it with to the end.

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Who is the an initial character in Lego harry Potter?

Well Lucius is the earliest personality you get. Carry out the reducto glitch and also you can acquire dark wizards as early as year 2.

How execute you gain all the personalities in Lego take care of Potter?

How to get: You need to discover three eco-friendly keys approximately the room (use Griphook’s key key, usage a Hufflepuff to wave at the Hufflepuff portrait, and also find a publication character to review the runes). When you have unlocked the gate, build the bricks increase so you can reach the ledge ~ above the left and walk best to the end. Finally, usage Reducto to open up the chest.

Where room the Lego harry Potter year 1 bonuses?

Harry (Girl Disguise): after getting to the trapdoor, move to Ron and also use Scabbers. The token is listed below the stairway – it’s covered. Fred (Quidditch): you will find a chest right beside the tunnel, use ( RD ). Marcus Flint: appropriate after developing the staircase indigenous bricks, friend will uncover a closet on the left – usage ( DM) ~ above it.

Where execute you acquire Reducto in Lego harry Potter?

How come get: In the third component of the level, use Reducto on the chest. Just how to get: use Griphook to open up the hatch and go into the mystery passage below. Walk v the tunnel and also past the vines in the grates until you reach a chest. Death the Boggart inside it to acquire the token.

Where do you change into Ron in Lego bother Potter?

Head in the direction of the fractional Courtyard (M3.28). Friend will split up and also meat Fred and George that will provide you the Marauder’s Map. Follow them come the main Hallway (M1.1). Technique the cauldron ~ above the right, drink the Polyjuice potion and adjust into Ron.


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