Lee Williams to be a gospel singer and the leader that Lee Williams and the spiritual QC’s.

Details that death: Died in ~ his residence in Pontotoc, Mississippi at the age of 75.

The spiritual QC’s

Williams started the spiritual QC’s in 1968 in Tupelo, Mississippi. They performed because that decades before recording their very first national LP, 1996’s “Jesus Is Alive and also Well.” It consisted of the gospel fight “I’ve Learned come Lean.” Williams and the group went ~ above to record at the very least a dozen more albums, and they to be honored with a soul Train award for finest Gospel Album that the Year as well as several mainly Awards. In 2010, they to be honored v the stellar Awards’ James Cleveland Lifetime achievement Award. Williams led the spirituality QCs because that 50 years, until his retirement in 2018.

Tributes come Lee Williams

RIH to a gospel quartet legend and also Tupelo ms native, Lee Williams