If you very own a lawn mower, possibilities are girlfriend have had actually a belt come off her mower and also wondered why. If you have a belt the won’t continue to be on your lawn mower or mower deck you require to check over your lawn mower come make certain your belts room in good condition and there isn’t damages to other parts of her lawn mower.Drive belts and mower deck belts space a necessary function to your mower. If the one of the belts drops off your lawn mower, her mower will fail to relocate or fail to cut. It’s vital to keep your belts, pulleys and also brackets in good shape. Read much more about the different types of belts.

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Keep your lawn mower belt from coming off her mower through adjusting belt guides and brackets; removed debris indigenous pulleys and also tensioners; and also replacing damaged brackets, bearings and also bushings. Change loose, oil spanned or cracked belts.Before you start working on your mower, make certain to eliminate the spark plug for safety reasons. Let us describe why your belt might come off your mower.

8 factors Why your Mower Belt Keeps Coming turn off or Breaking

1. Belt overview Damage

The belt guides, or sometimes called belt keepers, are small rod-shaped posts that go around the pulleys. On some lawn mowers belt guides take trip alongside the belts relying on how lengthy the belt have to travel.Belt guides have the right to move out of place or become bent as soon as a belt snaps or the belt has a most slack in it. The extra slack can reason the belt to hit the guide and bend the belt guide back toward the pulleys sometimes resulting in the belt come jump turn off the pulley and also come of your mower.Keep in mind, belt guides have to never touch the belt. Instead, they must be really close to the belt remaining 1/8″ come 1/4″ far from the pulley. Brackets have the right to be changed by hitting them with a tiny hammer or using a vice fixed to relocate the brackets ago into place.

2. Loose Belt

Inspect your belt to examine if it seems loose. This can be a sign it is time to change it. We favor to replace our mower belts at the same time because one is pretty worn or stretched from regular use; the various other is probably as result of be changed.

3. Shredded Belt

If you discover your deck belt or drive belt is shredded, most likely the belt is rubbing on a bracket or a belt guide. It likewise may not be tracking correctly. Look in ~ the components that are close to the belt to check out what the belt has actually been rubbing against.A shiny clues on a clip or belt overview is one indication the the belt is rubbing versus this area.Once you isolate the items causing the shredded belt, change the parentheses or belt guide back in place so that no longer rubs versus the belt. Inspect bushings in the base to make sure they are not bad. Some brackets have actually replaceable bushings if others do not result in the totality bracket needing replacement.

4. Damaged Bearings in Pulleys or Cutter Housings

Next, look at the pulleys the the belt rides on. If any type of of them space not to run flat and also straight, a bearing in the pulley can be bad. Many of the time, friend will discover the bearing that fails is situated in one idler pulley.The idler pulley has actually a sealed bearing in the so you will need to replace the totality pulley if you uncover a bad bearing. No every wheel will have actually a sealed bearing. Girlfriend may uncover the drive pulleys or spindle housings will have actually replaceable bearings therefore you are able to finish repairs with fewer parts.You can uncover bearing fail in spindle housings by grabbing a hold of the blades and also rocking ago and forth. If you feeling movement, the bearings in the cutter housings or a complete cutter housing needs to it is in replaced. Spindles that room making noise and also excessively vibrate can reason your belt to come turn off from the mower deck.

5. Debris in Grooves the Pulleys

Look at the grooves in the pulley and check because that rocks, lumber chips and other debris that might get caught in the pulleys. There have actually been times whereby we have uncovered debris and even dried dirt caked in the grooves that the pulley.A mower belt have the right to break as soon as debris is caught in the deck and also under the pulleys. The belt is unable to stretch around the additional debris. The stress and anxiety of being stretched can reason the belt come break. Belts don’t constantly break because they space old. Numerous times, new belts snap because a international material is recorded in the pulleys.

6. Idler Tensioner bracket or feather is Worn

The base that hold the idler pulleys in line usually have a feather on one side and also a pulley on the other. If the hole wherein the feather attaches is worn or the spring is worn, a consistent vibration is created.The bushing top top the idler clip can additionally become worn the end if it no greased. This can an outcome in the wheel running on an angle. The wheel can reduced into the deck or the bottom next of the mower if the is a transmission belt. This vibration together with the wheel running on an angle can throw the belt off the mower.

7. Debris Interfering with suitable Tension ~ above Belt

The deck needs to be kept clean that debris. Dry grass and debris can collect under the lawn mower or on the deck i beg your pardon can cause the tension wheel not to relocate properly. The tension wheel is no longer able come keep proper tension on the belt. If the tensioner can’t move, climate the belt can’t continue to be tight.This is among the reasons it is an extremely important to save your lawn mower clean under the belt covers and under the mower body. Also, the cleaner you save your lawn mower, the easier it is to find parts that might be failing before they fail.Check out our articles, “How come Clean her Lawn Mower for finest Performance” and also ” exactly how to discover & Prevent an extensive Lawn Mower Deck problems ” to learn much more on just how to keep your mower clean and in an excellent condition to prolong your mower’s lifespan.

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8. Oil or Rust top top the Belt

An oil leak on her lawn mower may collect on the belt. This is an additional problem the can cause the belt come come off. The pulleys must be clean that oil and rust to keep your belts in great shape. Oil is a petroleum product that will certainly make the belt puffy if the belt stays in oil because that a long time.An oil extended belt will additionally begin to slip on the pulleys and cause the belt to not have the ability to grab and just build heat. Rust will cause the belt to dried out and crack. If your belts have any types of crack in castle the belts need to be changed as shortly as possible.

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