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I have actually 2005 Spectra. The wire or pole connecting to the door handle on thedriver side has damaged off. Currently I can only ope the door by rolling under thewindow and ope the door from outside handle. Ns bought the rod and also took personally the door panel and plastic cover. Just how do I remove the door module assembly to affix the rod. Connecting the stick on the door handle is simple, yet I don"t know how to eliminate the door module. Please assist andif you have pictures, the would also help. Thank you. Oh by the waythis is my first thread. Give thanks to you all. Charlie

There are three large black counter sunk Phillips bolts ~ above the leaf of the door (by the latch). Removing castle will permit you come gain access enough to affix the cable.Dave
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Hey might have currently fixed her handle, but if not...I simply did this job today. It is a pain and also I entirely can relate come the home window down to get out that the car...err..embarrassing...anyways...The 3 black color screws discussed in Dave"s short article will not even come into play v this job.Remove the interior panel (this is straightforward to find on the internet...several hidden screws and also pop out parts-don"t gain too frustrated - just take her time and also pop out slowly since it may be cold where you are and also you could accidentally rest the small pop push screws.)You"ll need to peel the plasticy water barrier off gently at the edges v the at sight sticky black bead of sealer from the left to around mid door.The green cable is the one you"ll replace and also the snap locks ~ above the component you room replacing room tricky...just use a tiny flat head screwdriver and unsnap them come the side (you"ll see how when you"re in over there looking at itUnsnap the pink lock to the side then pull the cable out-unless it"s snap at that end like mine was.)There is a black rubber ball end on the eco-friendly cable that you"ll placed your finger behind and pop out in the direction of cautious with this ~ above the new one as soon as it"s linked so friend don"t break the braided cable.Now it gets a tiny more complex but cave in there...I setup to try and write-up pictures that the components you room working on since fifty percent the project is remote behind the metal.There is a tiny black box to the left that the door...on the opposite side from girlfriend in the facility of that black color box will certainly be a yellow screw (you will realize that only once its out lol) the best tool to usage that I have the right to think of is a craftsman z (41315 wf)...its a z shame tool with Phillips head top top one side and flat head the other...they space at. Local sears for around 10 bucks but shouldn"t be much much more than that if any.Unscrew the facility screwIt will certainly not remove that whole box yet will allow for you come unsnap that black color box"s cover...see pics.It will not come completely off and also this component of the project is tight.I will display you a pic the what you are emotional inside there and it will make sense what come do...I figured this the end on my own because there wasn"t lot on the web to helpUnsnap the pink cable locks (identical come the one at the handle)Carefully unsnap the rubber stopper that is identical to the one up in ~ the friend are free to remove that cable (there are little snap clamps to save the black and green cables together...remove those and leave them hanging ~ above the black cable for future use.Start working backwards to install the new cableReattach the water seal plastic to the black color glen and reassemble your doorTry it and also make certain it works...there is a possibility of put the rubber stopper to the left the the door to not seat happened to me and I reached earlier in and fastened it properly and voila!Really hang in is tedious however rewarding...I went 2 year rolling my home window down...SOOOOO worth THE TROUBLE!! PC"s to come when I fill them up...Gig