Freak the Mighty characters The main characters in Freak the Mighty are Max Kane, Kevin Avery, Kenny Kane, and Loretta Lee.

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Max Kane is a troubled boy who observed his mother"s murder. Max befriends the physically disabled Kevin, forming one half of "Freak the Mighty."Kevin Avery is a frail boy who has to wear leg braces. Kevin is is the other fifty percent of "Freak the Mighty," and his intellect bag well v Max"s strength.Kenny Kane is Max"s father. Kenny murdered Max"s mommy when Max was simply a child, and also he later on kidnaps Max.Loretta Lee is the owner the the purse the Max and also Kevin retrieve.
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Maxwell Kane is called Max through his grandparents. Some civilization called the Kicker due to the fact that of the method he used to lash out as soon as he was upset. Kids have called him “Maxi Pad,” however Max is happiest once he is gift Freak the Mighty, a composite creation comprised of himself...

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Maxwell Kane is referred to as Max by his grandparents. Some world called that Kicker due to the fact that of the way he used to lash out when he to be upset. Children have called him “Maxi Pad,” but Max is happiest when he is being Freak the Mighty, a composite creation comprised of himself and also Kevin. When he is alone, as he is once the novel opens, Max is so isolated he barely knows the he is lonely. This is due to the fact that of the hard life he has led. Before Max to be born, his mommy got affiliated with Kenny Kane. This isolated her, due to the fact that her parents did not give of Kenny. Once Max to be four, Kenny killed Max’s mother. Max do the efforts to prevent his father, however his dad, who is both massive and also cruel, put him in a closet. Physically, Max looks prefer his dad. The is so large that people fear him, and sometimes his emotions overwhelm him. Mentally, Max is basically crippled through the trauma and also isolation that have defined his life, so much so the he ends up in learning-disabled classes. Emotionally, Max is pure and sweet, and rather young for his age. While that is Kevin who insists the guys go on adventures, it is Max that is together pure the heart together a knight.Kevin is the contrary of Max in every little thing except heart. Whereas Max lost a mother, Kevin shed his father, who abandoned his mommy when the learned that Kevin had a bear defect. Physically, Kevin is tiny, practically a dwarf. However, mentally, the is as much a huge as Max is a physics giant. Just as his love is too huge for his human body in a literal sense (one element of his clinical troubles), so his imagination and intellect space too huge for his confining body, situation, and social context. He cannot walk unassisted, so he conjures increase a dream of being a robot. His body is vulnerable, so he dreams of being a items on a quest, finish with armor and physical prowess. His crowning moment is as soon as he blends knightly heroism and also mental agility that is pure Freak: as soon as he deals with down a murderer with a squirt gun full of pretend mountain in bespeak to save his friend Max. Kevin’s body ultimately fails him, however like the legend that King Arthur that Kevin shares through Max, Kevin’s story resides on to inspire others.Kenny Kane is Max’s father, and also although he appears physically in only the final 3rd of the novel, his shadow dims the entire book. The is the book’s villain, and also a real one, a hazard that makes switchblade-wielding thugs choose Tony D. It seems ~ harmless. At one suggest in Freak the Mighty’s quest to recuperate a shed purse, Kevin dresses as Darth Vader, yet Kenny is so threatening since he is the novel’s true Vader. “Killer” Kane displayed the dark side of every the novel’s themes. Instead of help those that loves, he death his wife and also kidnaps his son. Instead of actual change, he provides false change. To support his sense of identity, he lives a civilization of imagined superiority, sneering at the police, at Max’s grandparents, and at everyone that leads a typical life. Kenny is chilling due to the fact that he believes for this reason powerfully in his very own nightmare world, whereby every violent action is justified.Iggy and Loretta Lee waver in between being clichéd characters and being function models for an extremely believable transformation. In act so, they display how the human being shifts for Max together he learns an ext about it. As soon as he an initial meets Iggy and also Loretta, they are virtually cartoonish in their absence of development. Loretta is ratty, and also Iggy pushy, and also both seem more like lock are drawn from older pulp novels than from the same level of fact as the other characters. However, prefer the Arthurian knights the Kevin so loves, these personalities too have the right to change. Back they aid Kenny kidnap Max at first, later on in the novel they help Max escape. Iggy is humanized by the method he chews top top his beard in fear, and Loretta through the way she, in the novel’s final pages, comes to care around Max without ceasing to it is in the chain-smoking hefty drinker she has always been.

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Gram and Grim, Max’s grandparents, were never as flatly drawn as Iggy and Loretta, but Max’s emotional pain flattens them early in the novel. Just as the keeps them at bay physical by life “down under,” for this reason he keeps them distant in the narrative. The first step in this is labeling castle “Gram” and “Grim” quite than giving their names. The second is continuous recasting your actions in terms of their fear. As the novel progresses, though, Max becomes unable to deny that they love him and also are doing your best, and they ring into more complex, if troubled, characters.