Today I have a small something various for all you pet lover out there. I’m sharing my an individual tips on how I made my balcony cat-proof.

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With simply a few simple measures you can safely let your cat top top the balcony. That way your feline friend can enjoy the new air and also lovely scenery.

Your cat doesn’t need wealth of room to enjoy being outside. Also if girlfriend only have actually a tiny area, this could still be enough for your cat to think he’s “outdoors”. If girlfriend know just how to cat proof your apartment balcony first, of course.

As their most important outdoor activities consist that sunbathing, stretching and also gazing; a comfortable patio, cute balcony or closed off catio is all it takes to make her cat feel choose the king/queen the their own outdoor space.

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1 How have the right to I do my Patio Cat Friendly?
2 Make her Patio a Comfy ar to be sure
3 1. Soft pillows or blankets
4 2. Include an the end rug
5 have actually an external Place to watch
6 3. Do a Peek-through spot
7 4. A Towering Throne
8 5. Cat-proof Ledges
9 6. Build a (Mini) Catio
10 7. Use Netting
11 8. Look out for toxicity Plants
12 9. Plant a Cat Garden
13 10. Make a unique Grass Bed
14 carry out Human call for your Pets
15 11. Invest in a Love seat
16 12. Close turn off garbage and also compost bins

Those the you that follow me very closely (*ahem*, #catgram), understand I’m a cat lover at heart.

When we lastly started our find to take on a cat, we had actually one priority.

Since us live in one apartment our new room girlfriend would need to be comfortable remaining indoors.

Most pure bred cats space perfectly happy staying inside. As long as they have a window sil where they can safely observe their surroundings behind a thick wall surface of glass, they space happy, chirping cats.

It’s a different story because that the felis catus domesticus, also known as the usual house cat.

Even if they to be rescued or inserted for fostering as a kitten, they most likely were tho born in nature. They take into consideration green grass and also trees together their natural habitat.

As much as they evaluate the lull of your heated floor, soft couch or comfy lap, they will most most likely want to roam and also protect their outside surroundings in ~ some allude during the day.

So once we spotted a article for Mono, one 11-year old ‘lady’ who loved nothing more than to sleep and cuddle inside all job every day, we fell in love.


How have the right to I make my Patio Cat Friendly?

The first couple of weeks our furry brand-new room mate to be perfectly happy trying out every room and also nook of her brand-new home.

But as Summer approached and also butterflies started to teasingly flutter close to our patio window, we quickly interpreted that she thought about our balcony as component of ‘her new home’.

So we chose to let her external for short periods the time. Supervised at first (we live on the an initial floor of ours building) and also now us feel comfortable leave her outside as lengthy as she look at fit.

Over time, bit by bit, we turned our exterior living space into our cat’s dream haven.

To aid out fellow cat owner with limited outside space, I’ve created this list of should haves for a cat-proof balcony that will make any kind of cat a happy (outdoor) camper.

Below ns have included links to items ns like and could be beneficial to you. As a member that the Amazon affiliate program I could receive a little commission when you click on these links. Simply so ya know!


Make her Patio a Comfy ar to Relax

Cats love to feel something soft underneath their paws. And also if that can’t be a bed that grass or moss, they will certainly search because that it elsewhere.

Much like inside your residence there space plenty of items lock will use to lounge on.

1. Soft pillows or blankets

Leave a towel or item of apparel on the floor and there’s a great chance your cat will certainly gladly usage it as her brand-new sleeping blanket.

If her outdoor area has hard flooring like rock or wood, carry out your cat through a softer alternative.

A ceiling or soft pillow top top the floor or draped over a chair will certainly be much appreciated.

Even other as straightforward as a cardboard box through a folded blanket tucked in the can end up being your cat’s favourite outdoor bed.

Just make sure you ar the cardboard box and other soft products where the stays protected from rain and also other aspects of nature.

2. Include an out rug

A design friendly alternate is an out rug. A quite outdoor rug soon adds color and also style to your patio or balcony.

Here are a pair of points to stop when selecting an out rug for her cat-friendly patio:

Stay away from plastic carpet or fabricated grass:

There’s a good chance her feline friend will chew ~ above it, eating plastic particles along the way.

There’s no must spend big:

Rain, snow and sun beam will execute their ideal to stay the rug out in no time. And also your cat will probably enjoy digging his/her nails right into ‘their’ rug as well.

Excellent choices, in my opinion, are:

BambooRope, raffia or juteWoven fabric

Have an outside Place to Observe

Aside from sleeping and eating, cats’ favorite task is people watching.

3. Make a Peek-through Spot

Don’t close off areas where her cat might peak through. Uneven the room is large enough for your cat to gain into trouble of course.

Whether it’s the neighbors’ place, the street listed below or a nearby garden, your cat likes to stay updated about what’s happening around town.

Make certain that even when you close turn off a specific area her cat have the right to keep that view.

4. A Towering Throne

Cats choose to look under on your ‘subjects’. If other (larger) animals can enter your the end space, your cat will prefer a greater observation spot.

That method your cat feels premium to the only creatures entering ‘their’ space.

Make sure the area is closed off properly, for instance by installing a multi story catio.


Create a safe Haven

They to speak cats have actually nine lives and they always land on your feet. Yet I’m certain you’d fairly not view that concept tested in actual life once it comes to your furry friend.

5. Cat-proof Ledges

Make certain your beloved pet can’t rise on top of tiny ledges, favor the sheet of her balcony.

Something as basic as the end bulbs have the right to make a once attractive border a now seemingly unstable object.

I only recommend this for very first floor apartments or ground floor spaces. And if your cat has little to no attention in jumping ship.

If you live greater up i would consider looking into the ideas below to keep your balcony a cat-safe place.

6. Develop a (Mini) Catio

If you have a an especially adventurous cat the can’t it is in tricked the easily, think about closing the an are off through netting or structure a catio.

You could not have room for a complete blown, multi level cat patio. But if you’re worried your cat might get shed or hurt itself if you don’t have actually a closed off area, you can build a miniature variation instead.

As long as her cat have the right to move and turn roughly comfortably, her furry friend will certainly be much more than happy with her brand-new place in the sun.

7. Usage Netting

Another method you can cat-proof your apartment balcony is by making use of netting.

Here’s a simple example the someone that made their balcony cat-proof by using floor to ceiling netting.

You have the right to buy prepared to install netting online and in specialized pet shops.


Grow Cat friendly Plants

Cats space curious in nature. And when you present a brand-new plant into your home you deserve to be certain he/she will want to examine the new house mate.

8. Look the end for toxic Plants

Cats are much less inclined come eat ‘all the things’ choose dogs occasionally do.

But once they perform take a nibble from a toxicity plant it deserve to have quite severe after-effects for your cat’s health.

Check the safe and also toxic plants perform on the APSCA website before you buy a new addition to your plant collection.

9. Plant a Cat Garden

Now the you know what tree to buy and which ones come avoid, you deserve to start thinking around plants her cat will certainly actually be drawn to, in a great way.

Ideal options for a Cat Garden are:

CatnipCat grassLemongrassSpider plant

And this perform is definitely not complete. Here’s a fun guide on just how to make your own committed cat garden.

10. Do a distinctive Grass Bed

A good addition to your cat garden can be an actual plot the grass.

We made our cat a raised grass bed. Yep, you review that correctly.

How perform I make a Grass Bed because that my Cat?

It’s actually really easy to do your very own outdoor cat grass bed. One expedition to your neighborhood garden center is all it takes to gain the items girlfriend need:

a (raised) garden bedpotting soilcanvas to protect against leakinggrass seeds

The idea behind this cat bed is nice simple. It’s very comparable to having a tiny vegetable job on her balcony or patio. Only, in this case, the ‘greens’ you’re cultivation is a plot that grass.

The technique to do this grass bed is really simple. Line her garden bed with the canvas. Make certain you cover all the nooks. To fill the entire an are with the appropriate kind that potting soil.

Sow the grass seeds adhering to the accuse on the packaging. Water the bed and also wait because that the grass to grow. Covering the bed lightly v canvas or a blanket till the grass is starting to show.

This way you can keep your cat from digging in and also using it together her personal litter box.

Before you recognize it, your cat will be hover in her own an individual grass patio, enjoy it a nibble native the grass bordering her.

Provide Human contact for your Pets

Whoever states cats just care about eating and also sleeping have never skilled a cat’s true love before.

Once your cat has chose the love is mutual and your feline friend has actually chosen girlfriend to it is in (one of) its favorite humans, lock will desire to be by your side every THE TIME.

Cats love nothing more than to follow their humans around. Just take a trip to the bathtub room, and you’ll see.

11. Invest in a Love Seat

A little bench is the perfect way to spend some quality time v your beloved feline friend.

As long as this outdoor seating area has sufficient room because that the both of you to sit on, your cat will gladly keep you firm while you’re analysis a book or checking her DMs in the sun.

12. Close turn off garbage and also compost bins

The garbage might attract mice and also other rodents, making her cat jump for joy. Yet you’re probably not therefore happy once your cat complies with his searching instincts.

Aside indigenous the truth that your cat will prefer to rummage with your thrash, you also have to store in mind the he might take a bite native spoiled food or other thrash.

Save you yourself (and your cat!) a trip to the vet and also keep all garbage containers strictly sealed and also out of your pets’ reach.

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Have girlfriend turned her outdoor an are in a pets friendly haven? do you have any pro tips for various other pet lovers?



PS: store your pets for sure inside too! examine out this guide for safe usage of necessary oils around pets and also safe usage of crucial oil diffusers around cats.