When the brutes belt gets warn or out of ajustment and also starts flexin that will trip a safety and security switch and also put you right into the limp residence mode. Ns would favor to elimanate the limp residence mode. Sheep anyone know about doing this. I have herd that if you acquire an aftermarket cdi this will do it, and also I would assume you can remove the switch or just wire about it.???

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Dave,I belive the Brutes, and Prairies for the matter, have actually an every 100 hour belt light that comes on and also flashes. Not sure just how to reset that however I think the is in the Clymer maintain manuals. I think the Dynatek CDI units bypass this annoying feature. But, as far as ns know, the Dynateks room still causing a "miss" in the Brutes/Prairies that has not be resolved yet. No sure, yet I carry out not think the Moose plug and play modules perform overide the belt maintain light. Over there is an yes, really switch just inside the belt/clutch cover on the right side of her machine. If the switch is tripped by one "abnormal belt" you will need to take turn off the best belt casing and move the switch back to the "on" position. You will certainly probably just trip the again if you begin moving. Well, I checked out Dynojets website as I to be typing and also it claims that the dynatek module go override the belt indicator, yet I do not know if the is the 100 hour light (that does no rev-limit the engine) or the belt failure detection switch (that does rev-limit the engine.) So currently I to be kinda puzzled myself. I assume the is talking around the belt fail detection switch. Http://www.dynaonline.com/english/atv_fs.htm#kawasakiThere is one more module dubbed the copperhead vdi that I have read about on highlifter, however I can not find a website ~ above google for them. (i didn"t look an extremely hard) Not certain if it does what you space looking for. Ns guess when it comes under to that you can just wire roughly it if require be. Expect this helps,Zack
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Postby DAVE » Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:58 pm

Thanks for the info Zack..........I don"t desire to it is in in the pole in the limp house mode. Ns think ns am going to readjust my belt and also eliminate the switch. Ns am no a huge fan of these belt drives, ns think Honda is on the right track through the trans castle have.

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