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Where is the oil drain plug top top the 550 Mule?It"s my dad"s Mule, and he"s do the efforts to gain me to aid him discover it. I can"t watch it either. Does anyone know exactly how to discover it?If all else fails, we could constantly remove the filter and also run the Mule for about 4 or 5 secs to let the engine shoot every one of the oil out, however I"d fairly use the drain plug!
It looks prefer the drain plug is in the finish of the block between the bottom 2 mounting bolts. Choose a horizontal crankshaft lawnmower engine the drainpipe isn"t in the really bottom (under the engine) yet out the side under at the bottom.Preferable to pumping the engine dried of oil, purchase a vacuum pump and suck the engine crankcase dry.
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