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Just gained a Brute 750i. Its a 2009 and they gentleman I gained it indigenous hardly ever before rode it. Its obtained 155 miles21hrs on it. Require to readjust the oil it has actually never to be done. What type or weight does the take and also how much. Additionally reccomendiations top top brand.
Nice machine! I additionally have a 2009 you will certainly love it. I run 10-40 oem kawasaki oil number if it is what they placed in it and also they developed it thats what I will certainly use. Make sure to not loose the washer it is on the drain plug when you take it out i did ~ above my very first oil adjust and it started to leak until I identified the problem.
2009 Brute pressure 750- highlifter radiator relocate kit- ITP mudlite xtrs 27" through 14" itp c-series wheels- P.O.S. Superwinch- Powermadd handguards

15w 40 is what I run in mine and also i operation the Kawasaki brand yet brand is all up to your preference as human being can argue because that days what oil castle will just use yada yada yada. The capicity is 2.6 liters if im no mistaken so buy 3 quarts and just inspect the level as you include it and you will gain it right.

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2012 Brute force 750I 4x4 RedAir canopy snorkelHMF power slip on exhaust.Wild Boar Radiator Relocate2.5in Stateline tradition lift1.5in wheel spacers STI HD3 Wheels29.5 Outlaw 2sV force John practice clutch springs
For a couple of bucks more....may want to adjust it, drive it a couple of minutes, then readjust it again... Commonly the oil is supposed to be readjusted at 10 hrs, due to the fact that it was used for break-in....if it"s never been done, it"s gone twin the recommended interval.I"d also change the oil in both diffs, simply so I understand it to be done, and additionally because it"s the break-in oil.The former diff takes roughly 300ml that 10w40 (popular vote is not to usage synthetic) and also the rear provides hyd fluid. (Just make certain it"s TDH, and should be significant safe because that wet clutch/brake applications) i buy mine in ~ WallyWorld, about 10 bucks because that 4L....I readjust both diffs everytime I perform the engine oil/filter. In the long run, it"s cheap, and it"s tranquility of mind...not completely necessary, but for the tiny little bit it costs, why not? plus you might find filings or water something someday that will certainly let you catch a little problem before it becomes a big expensive one.The former diffs are well known for getting water in them, and also you don"t need to be to run in 4" that water for it to happen. Because that the price that 300ml that cheap-o 10w40, I"d be upset that ns left it in there because that a couple years and also ruined a diff by water contamination.